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Use of IndianOil logo:
The registered logo of IndianOil is IndianOil
However, whenever the logo is not accompanied by the full name "Indian Oil Corporation Limited", the lettering "IndianOil" in two colours may be incorporated under the logo. The word "IndianOil" when incorporated in running matter should continue to be used as one word with the letter "I" and "O" in capitals as shown. It should be in single colour(Dark Blue) and not in two colours.

The significance of the logo:

The IndianOil logo essentially has the following elements:
  • A saffron coloured circle/globe
  • Enclosed by a dark blue coloured outer ring and a dark blue coloured band across on which is written the name IndianOil in Devanagri script

    The saffron circle represents energy as a derivative of the Sun, connoting life and the future. The dark blue outer ring and the horizontal band symbolize technology for harnessing this energy.

Proportions of the logo:

For true reproduction, use the following colours:

    For Print/Electronic Media:

    Refer colour patch from "Pantone Colour Formula Guide 1000 for Paper" or the colour patch printed alongside:

    Orange : 1655 C, Blue : 2757 C

    The above colour code is to be followed for all kinds of print material, that is, annual report, brochures, leaflets, posters, dockets, stationery items, etc.

    In case the logo is to be reproduced by process colours, the percentages in CMYK closest to the above are:

    Orange : 1655 C, Orange : Y - 100, M - 70

    Blue : 2757 C, Blue : C - 100, M - 80, K - 65

    The percentages should be strictly followed for newspaper/magazine advertisements.

    (C - Cyan, M - Magenta, Y - Yellow, K - Black)

    For Enamel Printing/Painting:

    The colours should match the Pantone colour swatches given above. The BIS specifications which are closest to the Pantone colour specifications are given below for convenience:

    Orange : Indian Saffron - ISI No. 574

    Blue : Aircraft Blue - ISI No. 108

    For Textile Printing:

    The colours used for banners, pendants, flags, etc. should also match the Pantone colour swatches given earlier. However, colour specifications from "Pantone Textile Printing Guide" which are closest to the Pantone colour specifications are:

    Orange : 16-1362 TP

    Blue : 19-3925 TP

Updated on March 31, 2011
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