Expanding Horizons
IndianOil is currently metamorphosing from a pure sectoral company with dominance in downstream in India to a vertically integrated, transnational energy behemoth. The Corporation is already on the way to becoming a major player in petrochemicals by integrating its core refining business with petrochemical activities, besides making large investments in E&P and import/marketing ventures for oil&gas in India and abroad.

Chennai Petroleum
Corporation Limited
Refining of crude oil and manufacture of petroleum & petrochemical products
IndianOil - CREDA
Biofuels Limited
Farming, cultivating, manufacturing, production and selling biomass, bio-fuels and allied products & services
Indian Catalyst Private LimitedManufacturing & marketing of FCC catalysts and additives
IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd.Terminalling, Retailing & Aviation refueling
Lanka IOC Plc.Retailing, Terminalling & Bunkering of Petroleum Products
IOC Middle East FZELube blending & Marketing of Lubricants
IOC Sweden ABFor investment in the Carabobo Heavy Oil project in Venezuela
IOCL (USA) Inc.For acquiring 10% stake in Carrizo Asset, USA
IndOil Global
B.V. Netherlands
For acquiring 10% stapled interest in Pacific North West LNG project, Canada

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