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Indane LPG
Indane LPG is one of the largest packed LPG brands in the world. IndianOil was a pioneer in the 1970s when it launched the energy efficient LPG and Kerosene stoves which transformed the lives of millions of people by introducing clean, efficient and safe cooking. It also led to substantial improvement in the health of rural women replacing smoky and unhealthy chullahs. Today, the Indane LPG brand is synonymous with Safety, Reliability and Convenience. The Indane brand also stands for value addition in new generation technologies that are constantly showcased in a wide range of non-fuel products.

For Indane LPG, the task is to make the kitchen a safe, reassuring, healthy and convenient workplace. In fact, the Suraksha LPG Hose, developed by the LPG Equipment Research Centre, and energy efficient Green Label stoves are recommended by Indane. To prevent diversion, the Indane Brand is being backed by RFID technology, which is a new concept that helps IndianOil track movement of LPG cylinders. Currently it is in the conceptual stage and initial trials are going on, after which it will be implemented countrywide.

Updated on October 03, 2007
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