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Born from the vision of achieving self-reliance in oil refining and marketing for the nation, IndianOil has gathered a luminous legacy of more than 100 years of accumulated experiences in all areas of petroleum refining by taking into its fold, the Digboi Refinery commissioned in 1901.

IndianOil controls 10 of India’s 22 refineries. Kerosene&Gasoil The group refining capacity is 65.7 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA) or 1.30 million barrels per day -the largest share among refining companies in India. It accounts for 31% share of national refining capacity.

The strength of IndianOil springs from its experience of operating the largest number of refineries in India and adapting to a variety of refining processes along the way. The basket of technologies, which are in operation in IndianOil refineries include: Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation; Distillate FCC/Resid FCC; Hydrocracking; Catalytic Reforming, Hydrogen Generation; Delayed Coking; Lube Processing Units; Visbreaking; Merox Treatment; Hydro-Desulphirisation of Kerosene&Gasoil streams; Sulphur recovery; Dewaxing, Wax Hydro finishing; Coke Calcining, etc.

Panipat Refinery The Corporation has commissioned several grassroot refineries and modern process units. Procedures for commissioning and start-up of individual units and the refinery have been well laid out and enshrined in various customized operating manuals, which are continually updated.

IndianOil refineries have an ambitious growth plan with an outlay of about Rs. 55,000 crore for capacity augmentation, de-bottlenecking, bottom upgradation and quality upgradation. Major projects under implementation include a 15 MMTPA grassroots refinery at Paradip, Orissa, Naphtha Cracker and Polymer Complex at Panipat, Panipat Refinery expansion from 12 MMTPA to 15 MMTPA, among others.

 hydrocarbonOn the environment front, all IndianOil refineries fully comply with the statutory requirements. Several Clean Development Mechanism projects have also been initiated. To address concerns on safety at the work place, a number of steps were taken during the year, resulting in reduction of the frequency of accidents.

Innovative strategies and knowledge-sharing are the tools available for converting challenges into opportunities for sustained organisational growth. With strategies and plans for several value-added projects in place, IndianOil refineries will continue to play a leading role in the downstream hydrocarbon sector for meeting the rising energy needs of our country.

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