Gasoline Automotive gasoline and gasoline-oxygenate blends are used in internal combustion spark-ignition engines. These spark ignition engine fuels are primarily used for passenger cars. They are also used in off-highway utility vans, farm machinery and in other spark ignition engines employed in a variety of service applications.

Gasoline is a complex mixture of relatively volatile hydrocarbons that vary widely in chemical & physical properties and are derived from fractional distillation of crude petroleum with a further treatment mainly in terms of improvement of its octane rating. The hundreds of individual hydrocarbons in gasoline range from c4 to c11.

An oxygenate is an oxygen-containing, ashless organic compound (such as an alcohol or ether) which can be used as a fuel or fuel supplement. Motor gasoline is sold at retail outlets where it is directly delivered into the automobile tank. The Indian Standard governing the properties of motor gasoline & gasoline-oxygenate blends is IS 2796 : 2000 (3rd Rev).

In view of the auto fuel policy issued by Govt of India, more & more stringent specifications (equivalent to Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV) are being made applicable for the gasolines being marketed in India. This has led to reduction of environmentally polluting factors in gasolines.


DieselXTRAPREMIUM petrol is a much sought-after fuel among discerning motorists who are in many ways emotionally attached to their wheels.

The “Clean and Keep Clean” function of the super cleanser additive in XTRAPREMIUM reduces deposits at the port fuel injector, intake valve and controls combustion chamber deposits to maintain "like new" performance of the vehicle. Regular use of XTRAPREMIUM gives the vehicle a superior pick-up, smoother drive, better mileage and lower emission. XTRAPREMIUM is designed not only to optimise performance of new generation vehicles but also rejuvenate old vehicles to perform better.

Little wonder, IndianOil’s XTRAPREMIUM petrol is the largest selling branded petrol in India

Updated on July 16, 2015

Prices of non-branded petrol in metro-cities (Rs./Litre)

Price build up of Petrol

Prices of non-branded petrol across National Capital Region(Rs./Litre)

Applicable From Midnight: July 15th 2015 - July, 16th 2015
Faridabad 68.73
Gurgaon 68.51
Noida 71.31
Ghaziabad 71.18

Prices of non-branded petrol across state capitals (Rs./Litre)

Applicable From Midnight: July 15th 2015 - July, 16th 2015
Agartala 63.19
Aizwal 63.51
Ambala 68.07
Bengaluru 70.70
Bhopal 70.81
Bhubhaneswar 66.09
Chandigarh 65.79
Dehradun 67.87
Gangtok 70.20
Gandhinagar 67.75
Guwahati 66.95
Hyderabad 72.52
Imphal 63.43
Itanagar 63.83
Jaipur 69.87
Jammu 70.11**
Jullunder 73.08
Kohima 66.18
Lucknow 73.61*
Panjim 61.36
Patna 71.36
Pondicherry 63.65
Port Blair 57.31
Raipur 66.38
Ranchi 65.86
Shillong 65.05
Shimla 69.17
Srinagar 72.83**
Trivandrum 72.11
* Prices effective from 23rd July, 2015
** Prices effective from 22nd July, 2015

Specifications Specifications

Download PDF for BS II and BS III (BS-II fuels are no longer available in the country.)

Download PDF for BS IV


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