For Industrial consumers
 Q. How fuel supplies to bulk consumers are made?

Ans: On being approached by a bulk consumer, the field officer of IndianOil visits the site and assesses the requirement, storage, dispensing equipment (if available), NOC and explosive licenses and handling capability of the consumer. Upon assessment, IndianOil' s Divisional Office completes required formalities for relevant supplies from designated nearest supply point. In case, the bulk consumer does not have storage and handling facilities, IndianOil considers providing bulk storage / dispensing facilities. It is called a Consumer Pump for which an agreement is signed between the consumer and IndianOil.

 Q. What is system of procuring MS, HSD & SKO from IndianOil?

Ans: The bulk consumer approaches INDIANOIL with the request for supply of requisite products viz. MS, HSD or SKO citing its usage and quantity. On approach by consumer, same method is followed as given above in answer 1.

 Q. Do we require any licenses for storage and dispensing of MS, HSD and SKO?

Ans: Yes. MS, HSD and SKO are petroleum products, which require Explosive License as per Indian Petroleum Rules, 2002 by Govt. of India. As a pre-requisite of Explosive License, No Objection Certificate (NOC) is to be obtained from District Magistrate / Collector and then Explosive License is to be applied to Chief Controller of Explosives Office, Nagpur or to his subordinate Regional Office in the particular Zone. For dispensing of fuels through dispensing pump or flow meter, stamping of dispensing pump or flow meter is to be got done as per procedures of Local Govt. bodies at regular frequencies.

 Q. What is the procedure for getting a Consumer Pump?

Ans: IndianOil considers provision of bulk storage and dispensing facilities as per mutually agreed terms and practice. It is called a Consumer Pump for which an agreement is signed between the consumer and IndianOil.

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