Lubricating oils from IndianOil meet the requirements of all core industrial sectors of India spanning defence, railways, cement, coal, steel, sugar, power, marine, surface transport, engineering, fertilizers, etc. IndianOil's SERVO grades of lubricants are patronized by these core sector industries for over five decades now. IndianOil takes pride in having a product for every application.

The comprehensive product range caters to industrial applications like gears, compressors, turbines, journal bearings, hydraulics, spindles, etc. The major products in the lubricating oils category are servomesh series for gear applications; servoprime series for turbine applications; servopress series for compressor applications, etc.

The servoprime series is designed to meet the turbine oil requirements of small micro power plants as well as ultra mega power plants. In addition, there is a wide variety of compressor lubricants available for reciprocating as well as centrifugal compressors. The lubricants portfolio also includes numerous other oils and greases to meet requirements of cutting oils in small lathe workshops, rolling oils in steel plants and heat transfer fluids of food and textile industry.
Industrial Lubricating Oils
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