Raw Petroleum Coke (RPC) is "bottom of the barrel" product of refinery. This is a solid product. The recent trend of coker units is with view on resid upgradation and maximization of middle distillates. There are two distinctive grades of RPC viz. Calcination or Green RPC and Fuel Grade or Petcoke.
Calcination grade RPC is produced at Barauni, BRPL, Digboi and Guwahati refineries of IOC. Fuel Grade Petcoke is product at Panipat refinery of IOC.

End Use
Calcination Grade RPC is used for production of Anodes for the Aluminium Industry. Fuel Grade Petcoke is used primarily by Cement Plants.
Marketing arrangement
RPC and Petcoke are sold only ex refineries on ex MI basis. There are no other storage / sales points for these products.

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