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Information Manual

(Pursuant To Section 4 (1) (B) of the Right to Information Act, 2005)
‘IndianOil Bhavan’,
G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg,
Bandra(E), Mumbai-400 051.
Chapter Particulars Page No.
Chapter-I Particulars of Organisation, Its Functions and Duties
Chapter-II Powers and Duties of Officers & Workmen 11
Chapter-III Procedures followed in the Decision-Making Process, Including Channels of Supervision and Accountability
Chapter-IV The Norms set for Discharge of Functions 13
Chapter-V The Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records held by the company or under its control or used by its employess for Discharge of Functions
Chapter-VI Statement of categories of Documents that are held by the company or under its control 15
Chapter-VII Particulars of Arrangement for consultation with the members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy or Implementation Thereof
Chapter-VIII Statement on the board & Sub Committees of the board and other committees 17
Chapter-IX Directory of Officers and Workmen 18
Chapter-X Statement of Monthly Remuneration of Officers and Workmen including the System of Compensation 22
Chapter-XI Budget Allocation and Expenditure 23
Chapter-XII Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes, including the Amounts Allocated and the Details of Beneficiaries of Such Programmes 24
Chapter-XIII Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or Authorisat- Ions granted by it 25
Chapter-XIV Details of Information available or held in Electronic Form 26
Chapter-XV Procedure For Seeking Information From Indianoil
Chapter-XVI Names, Designation and other particulars of Central Public Information Offficers 28


Particulars of Organisation, Its Functions and Duties
Particulars of organisation
a) Date of incorporation:
30th June, 1959 as Indian Oil Company Ltd. Upon merger with Indian Refineries Ltd. on 1.9.1964, name of the company was changed to Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
b) Type of Company Government Company under Section 617 of the Companies Act, 1956.
c) Administrative Ministry Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India.
d) Details of Disinvestments
The Govt. of India was holding the entire Paid- up Share Capital of the Company till 1994-95. The Govt. of India disinvested about 9% of its holding in the company in favour of Banks, Mutual funds, Financial Institutions and Employees of the Company during 1994-95.

In the year 1999, the Govt. of India further disinvested 10% of its holding in the Company in favour of ONGC Ltd. which is a Govt. Company.
e) Shareholding Pattern

To view the shareholding pattern of the company under major shareholder categories, click here

f) Listing with Stock Exchanges The equity shares of the Company are presently listed with the following stock exchanges:-

 i) ) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) , Mumbai
 ii) The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)
g) Share Capital i) i) Authorised : Rs.2500.00 crores
ii) Subscribed, issued & paid-up : Rs.1213.97 crores

(A) Corporate Mission:
Indian Oil nurtures the core values of Care, Innovation, Passion & Trust across the organization in order the deliver value to its stakeholders. Company setting high standards for ethics and value, people leading with passion to excel, Pioneering the Sprit of creativity and research, caring for the environment and community, harnessing frontier technology and Fostering relationships for life time.

(B) Business Operations :


IndianOil group of companies owns and operates 10 out of India’s 22 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 65.7 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA, .i.e. 1.30 million barrels per day approx.).

IndianOil refineries process all major indigenous crude oil plus over 36 types of imported crude oil, from which it produces more than 60 types of petroleum products, ranging from light distillates, such as LPG, naphtha and motor spirit, to heavy ends, such as furnace oil and low sulphur heavy stock. The flexibility of processing capability allows IndianOil to vary both its crude oil inputs and petroleum product outputs to achieve the company’s desired production mix. To meet the growing domestic demand for middle distillate products, such as HSD and superior kerosene oil, IndianOil has invested in secondary processing facilities to produce these higher value added products.

IndianOil refineries are fully equipped to meet the current environmental norms in relation to product specifications in the country and are being constantly modernized and upgraded to be able to meet all future environment regulatory requirements.



Indian Oil Corporation owns and operates the largest network of crude oil and petroleum product pipelines in India. The total network of pipelines is 11,214 km with a capacity of 77.258 million metric tonnes per annum . The company’s pipelines are well positioned to supply petroleum products from its refineries and India’s ports to high demand states in northwestern India.


IndianOil and its subsidiaries account for 49% petroleum products market share. The company distributes its products directly to bulk customers and to retail customers via a network of retail outlets and dealers/distributors.

The company’s overall distribution network encompasses over 38,000 sales points incorporating its own franchise as well as independent outlets, consumer pumps, distributors etc. the substantial majority of which are governed by dealership agreements. Products are transported to the distribution points by pipeline, ship tanker, rail tankers and road tanker trucks.

Research And Development

Established in 1972 for the development of lube as well as refining process technologies, the IndianOil R&D Centre at Faridabad has completed over 35 years of glorious service to the nation. It is one of its kind in Asia and has grown into a major technological development center of international repute in the down stream areas of lubricants, pipelines and refining processes.

Developing more than 2500 formulations over the years, it has successfully perfected the state-of-the-art lube formulation technology meeting latest national and international specifications with approvals from major original equipment manufacturers. IndianOil markets around 800 grades of lubricants under the brand name "SERVO" based on its own R&D technology and is one among the six worldwide technology holders of marine oil technology. It has extensive laboratory and pilot plant facilities to successfully pursue projects in lube, refining and pipeline areas making it a unique technology centre.

Its rich reservoir of highly qualified/ specialized scientific and technical manpower has elevated this centre to global status. Having an effective IPR portfolio of 195 patents including 48 US patents, the vibrant and innovative research at the Centre has led to many technological innovations, some of which have received prestigious national and international awards. INDMAX, i-Max, OiliVorous-S, INDETreat/INDESweet are few of them. Being the nodal agency of the hydrocarbon sector for implementation of the Hydrogen energy programmes in the country, the Centre has taken up a pilot project for developing infrastructure for fuelling neat hydrogen as well as H2-CNG blended fuel and is currently in the process of setting up a Hydrogen-CNG dispensing station at COCO retail outlet in Delhi. The Centre has also taken the lead in the development and commercialisation of biodiesel.

Exploration And Production

Vertical integration along the entire hydrocarbon value chain is a key strategy for achieving growth in the hydrocarbon business. IndianOil is attempting vertical integration through E&P initiatives to secure its own equity oil so as to safeguard its business interest against the highly volatile international oil market..


IndianOil has finalised a master plan to enter into the petrochemical product line by integrating its core refining business with petrochemical activities, predominantly utilising the streams available in various refineries.


With gas emerging as preferred fuel for the utilities sectors viz., power, fertilizers and transportations, its share in the total energy basket is expected to reach 20% by the year 2025. The company has taken several initiatives to harness these growth potentials.

Overseas- Downstream Marketing

IndianOil has successfully graduated from a product exporter to a transnational energy company with establishment of two wholly owned overseas subsidiaries, Lanka IOC PLC and IndianOil (Mauritius) Limited (IOML).


(C) Functions & duties

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. has been established to carry out the objectives specified in the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company. The main activities of IndianOil are refining, transporting and marketing of petroleum products.


A major diversified, transnational, integrated energy company, with national leadership and a strong environment conscience, playing a national role in oil security & public distribution

  • To serve the national interests in oil and related sectors in accordance and consistent with Government policies.
  • To ensure maintenance of continuous and smooth supplies of petroleum products by way of crude oil refining, transportation and marketing activities and to provide appropriate assistance to consumers to conserve and use petroleum products efficiently.
  • To enhance the country’s self-sufficiency in crude oil refining and build expertise in laying of crude oil and petroleum product pipelines.
  • To further enhance marketing infrastructure and reseller network for providing assured service to customers throughout the country.
  • To create a strong research & development base in refinery processes, product formulations, pipeline transportation and alternative fuels with a view to minimising/eliminating imports and to have next generation products.
  • To optimise utilisation of refining capacity and maximise distillate yield and gross refining margin.
  • To maximise utilisation of the existing facilities for improving efficiency and increasing productivity.
  • To minimise fuel consumption and hydrocarbon loss in refineries and stock loss in marketing operations to effect energy conservation.
  • To earn a reasonable rate of return on investment.
  • To avail of all viable opportunities, both national and global, arising out of the Government of India’s policy of liberalisation and reforms.
  • To achieve higher growth through mergers, acquisitions, integration and diversification by harnessing new business opportunities in oil exploration & production, petrochemicals, natural gas and downstream opportunities overseas.
  • To inculcate strong ‘core values’ among the employees and continuously update skill sets for full exploitation of the new business opportunities.
  • To develop operational synergies with subsidiaries and joint ventures and continuously engage across the hydrocarbon value chain for the benefit of society at large.

To provide prompt, courteous and efficient service and quality products at competitive prices

Towards suppliers

To ensure prompt dealings with integrity, impartiality and courtesy and help promote ancillary industries.

Towards employees
  • To develop their capabilities and facilitate their advancement through appropriate training and career planning.
  • To have fair dealings with recognised representatives of employees in pursuance of healthy industrial relations practices and sound personnel policies.
Towards community
  • To develop techno-economically viable and environment-friendly products.
  • To maintain the highest standards in respect of safety, environment protection and occupational health at all production units.
Towards Defence Services

To maintain adequate supplies to Defence and other para-military services during normal as well as emergency situations.

Financial Objectives
  • To ensure adequate return on the capital employed and maintain a reasonable annual dividend on equity capital.
  • To ensure maximum economy in expenditure.
  • To manage and operate all facilities in an efficient manner so as to generate adequate internal resources to meet revenue cost and requirements for project investment, without budgetary support.
  • To develop long-term corporate plans to provide for adequate growth of the Corporation’s business.
  • To reduce the cost of production of petroleum products by means of systematic cost control measures and thereby sustain market leadership through cost-competitiveness.
  • To complete all planned projects within the scheduled time and approved cost.


Powers and Duties of Officers & Workmen
The powers & duties of the officers and workmen of the Company are derived mainly from job descriptions, manuals, terms and conditions of appointment and Delegation of Authorities enunciated by the Corporation. The officers & workmen of the Company are appointed for carrying out the business operations of the Company, which are in line with the objectives specified in the Memorandum of Association of the Company.

While discharging duties and responsibilities, officers & workmen of the Company are complying with the applicable provisions of statutes and rules and regulations framed thereunder.

Procedures followed in the Decision-Making Process, Including Channels of Supervision and Accountability.
The decisions making process of the Company follows the following Channel


Overall management of the Company is vested with the Board of Directors of the Company. The Board of Directors is the highest decision making body within the Company.

As per the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 certain matters require the approval of the shareholders of the Company in General Meeting.

The Board of Directors is accountable to the shareholders of the Company, which is the ultimate authority of a Company. IndianOil being a Public Sector Enterprise (PSE), the Board of Directors of the Company is also accountable to Government of India.

The day-to-day management of the Company is entrusted on the Chairman and the Functional Directors and other Officers of the Company. The Board of Directors has delegated powers to the Chairman, Functional Directors, who have in turn delegated powers to the Executives of the Company through Delegation of Powers. The Chairman, Functional Directors and other officers exercise their decision-making powers as per this delegation of powers.

The Chairman, Functional Directors and other Executives are accountable to Board of Directors for proper discharge of their duties & responsibilities.

The powers, which are not delegated are exercised by the Board of Directors subject to the restrictions and provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.


The Norms Set for Discharge of Functions
The company has its Article of Association and well defined procedure and guidelines in the form of delegation of powers, laid down policies and guidelines, manuals, compliance of provisions of various statutes , rules and regulations, guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises, guidelines of Chief Vigilance Commission , listing Agreement of Stock Exchanges and rules and regulations of SEBI for smooth operations of the Company.

The Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records held by the Company or under its control or used by its Employess for Discharge of Functions
The overall objectives and framework of rules and regulations of the Company is laid down in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. Each Department of the Company, while discharging its functions, is guided by manuals, policy and guidelines, which are periodically reviewed and updated. The conduct of the employees is regulated by the Employees’ (Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules) and Standing Orders. In addition, the Company follows the directives and guidelines issued by the Government of India on various matters. The operations of the Company is also guided by the Memorandum of Understanding entered into with the Government of India.

Statement of Categories of Documents that are held by the Company or under its control
The Company maintains various statutory documents, registers, books, licenses, Various finctional HR Manual, Accounting Manual, Corporate IT Policy, Material Management Manual, SAP Manual, Engineering Manual, Safety Manual, Health awareness & occupational Health Manual, Vigilance Manual, agreement etc. for the business operation of the Company, as required under various statutes, rules and regulation as well as Delegation of authorities for the smooth functioning of the Company.

Particulars of Arrangement for Consultation with the Members of the Public in relation to the Formulation of Policy or Implementation Thereof
IndianOil is a Commercial Organisation and policies formulated by it relate to its internal management and therefore, there is no requirement for consultation with the members of the Public prior to formulation of its internal policies. However, internal policies of the Company are formulated in compliance with the applicable provisions of the statutes, rules and regulations etc.

The members of the public, who are dealing with the Company in its business transaction have any complaints/ grievances, they can approach through e-mail or through the concerned officers for redressal as hosted in the web-site



Statement on the Board & Sub Committees of the Board and other Committees
The Management of the Company is vested with the Board of Directors. In terms of the Articles of Association of the Company, the Company can have minimum three Directors and maximum Twenty Two Directors. The Board comprises of Functional Directors, Govt. Nominee Directors and Independent Directors (which also include woman Director). The Board has constituted various committees with specific powers and distinct roles and responsibilities. The names of the Board of Directors can be accessed on the web-site

The meeting of the Board of Director and Committees of the Board are not accessible for public. Similarly the Minutes Books of the Board of Directors and Committees of the Board are not open for inspection by public.

Directory of Officers and Workmen
IndianOil’s Employee strength (as on 31st March, 2015) is 32,962, out of which 15,298 are in the officer cadre. Grade-wise number of officers and workmen are given below :

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
Manpower as on 31st March 2015
Grade Ref. PL AOD R&D Mktg. IBP Total
Workmen IX
984 28 227 1106 12 2357
1229 85 294 18 1959 18 3603
791 134 172 4 1101
693 80 160 15 2557 38 3543
1180 171 294 7 1226 0 2878
1172 226 166 6 1186 4 2760
262 42 119 0 121 0 544
14 44 13 0 71
2 89 2 0 714 0 807
Total 6327 899 1447 50 8869 72 17664
Officers I 41 10 0 4 28 2 85
H 92 25 4 9 79 2 211
G 243 69 14 20 261 7 614
F 386 135 57 29 674 15 1296
E 396 123 44 25 654 12 1254
D 497 174 36 43 1151 21 1922
C 746 158 40 56 1369 15 2384
B 1830 336 107 90 1282 9 3654
A 1321 519 128 75 1563 17 3623
AO 0 118 137 255
Total 5552 1667 430 351 7198 100 15298
Grand Total 11879 2566 1877 401 16067 172 32962

The names of the senior executives of the Company i.e. in Grade ‘I’ (EDs) and Grade ‘H’ (GMs) as on date are given below :

Sr.No. Name Present Posting
  Executive Directors  
1 N K Gupta Optimisation, CO ND
2 S Mitra Petrochemicals, CO ND
3 Rajiv Chawla Information Systems, CO ND
4 A Kapoor CC, CO ND
Rajiv Bahl Fin & Treasury, CO ND
6 G K Satish Gas, CO ND
7 P K Singh Anti-Adulteration Cell, CO ND
8 S Mukherjee Human Resources, CO ND
Amita Singh (Ms) Pricing, CO ND
10 R K Mittal Expl. & Prod., CO ND
11 Deepak Dhawan Law, CO ND
12 S P S Jolly IiPM
13 Narinder Kumar I/c Projects, RHQ
14 A. K. Chowdhury I/c HR, RHQ
15 Sushil Kumar Singhal Materials & Contracts, RHQ
16 Vijay Prakash Panipat Refinery
17 Kaushik Bora Process & Projects, RHQ
18 Rajesh Ahuja M&I and Petrotech, RHQ
19 Utpal Sen Maint. & Insp., RHQ
20 Siddhartha Bose Operations, RHQ
21 Narendra Kumar HR, RHQ
22 V. Mohan Shipping, RHQ
23 Gouri Shankar Singh Technical, Paradip Refinery
24 B. V. Ramagopal Panipat Refinery
25 S. Ganguli Mathura Refinery
26 T. K. Basak Panipat Refinery
27 Ramjee Ram Paradip Refinery
28 S. K. Dhargupta Gujarat Refinery
29 V. K. Shukla Barauni Refinery
30 A. P. Gangopadhyay Haldia Refinery
31 L. W. Khongwir Bongaigaon Refinery
32 Jogen Barpujari Guwahati Refinery
33 V K Khurana I/C,Projects, PL Div.
34 B D Yadav Operations, PL Div.
35 J Pradhan HR, PL Div.
36 H P Sahi ERPL
37 A S Malik I/c, M&C and Construction, PL Div.
38 R K Samtani NRPL
39 S K Satija Construction, PL Div.
40 A K Tiwari WRPL
41 B S Canth Consumer Sales, HO, Mbi
42 H S Bedi HR, HO, Mbi
43 Indrajit Bose CC & Branding, HO, Mbi
44 A K Digar I/c, H S &E, HO, Mbi
45 B S Giridhar H S &E, HO, Mbi
46 S Balasubramanian Operations, HO, Mbi
47 A N Jha I/c, LPG, HO, Mbi
48 Y K Gupta LPG, HO, Mbi
49 P M Nazirudeen Coord, Plg & QC, HO
50 Gurmeet Singh Projects & Engineering, HO
51 D K Sharma Retail Sales, HO
52 K L Murthy Lubes, HO Mbi
53 G Ramkumar Automation, HO Mbi
54 Venkatramana Kasturi I/c, Finance, HO Mbi
55 N V N Ramsai Finance, HO Mbi
56 T S Khwaja Aviation, HO Mbi
57 M R Karandikar I/c, Supplies, HO Mbi
58 Harsha P Shivaji S & D, HO
59 P Madhava Mohan Pricing, HO
60 Ashok Sen Regional Services, WR
61 S S Mishra Delhi State Office
62 U V Mannur TNSO
63 A K Verma UPSO-I
64 Sajjan Kumar UPSO-II
65 Pranab Kumar Das Punjab State Office
66 Dipankar Ray NEISO
67 B P Das I/c, R&D Centre
68 R Suresh Lube Technology, R&D Centre
69 R Khanna Finance, R&D Centre
70 R K Arora Cryogenics, IBP, Div.
71 P. Dey Explosives, IBP, Div.
72 T S Ramachandran Dir(T) CPCL, Lien 26.07.2011
73 J S Kaushal Dir(Pers), CWC,  Lien 3.6.2013
General Managers  
1 S P Bordoloi H,S & E, Panipat Ref
2 V K Rai PJ-PDRP, Ref HQ ND
3 M K Sinha I/c Reg Service, ER Kolkata
4 Rajesh IOF, CO ND
5 Gautam Bose Avn, ER Kolkata
6 N R Patnaik Mat, Paradip Ref
7 A Pandian I/c Reg Serv, SRO Chennai
8 Samar Ghosh I/c Fin, ER Kolkata
9 Sanjiv Shah PJ-PC, CO ND
10 P Krishnan Kutty LERC, Bangalore
11 C Abhiram H,S & E, CO ND
12 P Bhattacharya M&I, PL HO Noida
13 Pawan Kumar Bansal H,S & E, PL HO Noida
14 M R Sonde I/c, PNC Panipat
15 R K Sharma H,S & E, Bongaigaon
16 A A Gupta(Dr) Fuels, R&D Faridabad
17 N V N Ramsai Finance, SR Chennai
18 T K Dasgupta H, S & E, Haldia
19 Shailendra Mittal M&I, HO Mbi
20 S L Narasimhan Fin, HO Mbi
21 Utpal Sen PJ, Paradip
22 D L N Sastri Ops, HO Mbi
23 A L Kosta PDEC, Ref HQ
24 Shiva Shanker I/c TS, Paradip
25 Brijesh Kumar Ref Tech, R&D Centre
26 K Vijay HRD, CO
27 H P Madnawat Materials, HO Mbi
28 A Misra Tech, AOD Digboi
29 R K Sharma Vig, CO ND
30 R S Sisodia Cons Sales, HO Mbi
31 Addanki S Sharma Planning, HO Mbi
32 Jaspal Singh LPG Engg, HO Mbi
33 S Bose Tech, Ref HQ
34 S K Gangopadhyay Eff. Improv., Ref HQ ND
35 S Ravichandran IS, R&D Faridabad
36 R K Tiku Gas, CO ND
37 K K Gupta IA, CO ND
38 S K Nigam LPG, DSO ND
39 Amit Kumar Basu HR, NR ND
40 N R Jhala(Ms) Fin, WRO Mbi
41 Sukhendu Majumdar MO OISD, ND
42 Jaspal Singh Constn., PL HO Noida
43 D K Rakesh HR, Mathura Ref
44 A P Gangopadhyay Technical, Haldia Ref
45 W R Borbora HR, Paradip
46 K L Murthy Lube-Sales, HO Mbi
47 S R Sarkar LC, Paharpur LC
48 Dipankar Ray NEISO, Guwahati
49 Harsha P Shivaji S&D, HO Mbi
50 M Srinivas Retail Sales, HO Mbi
51 M Srinivasan KeSO, Cochin
52 Dilip K Adhikari MO,OISD, ND
53 A G Randhanpura Engg, HO Mbi
54 S K Awasthi LPG Sales, HO Mbi
55 Sajjan Kumar UPSO II Noida
56 Rajeev Agarwal FIN, CO ND
57 A K Verma BD-PC, CO ND
58 K K Verma PJ-CPP, Paradip
59 S C Katial Civil, PL HO Noida
60 S K Das Tech, Barauni Ref
61 P V M Murthy Constn., SRPL Chennai
62 D P Semwal Ops, PL HO Noida
63 R K Samtani NRPL, Panipat
64 A K Tewari WRPL, Gaurudad
65 Ram Phal PJ-T&I, PL HO Noida
66 S K Satija M & C, PL HO Noida
67 P P Singh Paul PJ, Ref HQ
68 R K Khatri H,S & E, HO MBI
69 V Mohan Shipping, Ref HQ
70 Sunil Gupta Gas, CO ND
71 B Arunkumar HR, Panipat
72 P K Yadav Ops, HO Mbi
73 A K Srivastava E&P, CO ND
74 Shyam Lal Maurya Maint-CG, Paradip
75 Gouri Shankar Singh I/c PN-CG, Paradip
76 Debangsu Ray Int Trade, CO
77 Alok Khanna IS, HO Mbi
78 H K Sachdeva IiPM, CO ND
79 J L Manoranjan Vig, SR Chennai
80 S Bhattacharjee QC, HO MBI
81 D K Garg BD-Fin, CO ND
82 S Dakwale MD LIOC, Sri Lanka
83 P K Mandal H,S & E, Gujarat Ref
84 B V Rama Gopal Technical, Mathura
85 L W Khongwir TS, BGR Ref
86 A K Sehgal Automotive Res, R&D Faridabad
87 S S Raghav HR & AE, R&D Faridabad
88 D K Sharma I/c, GSO Ahmedabad
89 V Janardhana Rao H,S & E, Barauni
90 D Kundu PJ, Paradip
91 R L Kalita H,S & E, Paradip
92 G J Tyagaraj HR, Haldia Ref
93 S Varadhachari I/c, KASO Bangalore
94 Rakesh Sehgal Ops, GSO Ahmedabad
95 T K Mondal M & C, Gujarat
96 C M Kachroo Ret Sales, DSO ND
97 Ashwarya Prakash Ops, TNSO
98 K K Jain TS, Panipat
99 R K Sethi CF, CO ND
100 G S Gajbhiye Taloja LBP
101 D Sothi Selvam LC, LBP Chennai
102 B K Singh MSO, Mbi
103 C S Shankar PC-Mkt, CO ND
104 Deepak Agarwal IS, CO Gurgaon
105 G K Singh MS & Training, Ref HQ ND
106 G Ghosal HR, ERPL Kolkata
107 U K Dhoot PJ-Monitoring, PL HO Noida
108 Sukumar Ray Technical, Gujarat
109 Surendra Khinwasara Fin, NR ND
110 S Sarkar Tech, Ref HQ ND
111 P C Choubey Constn., Paradip
112 V K Misra Ret Sales, HO Mbi
113 S K Sharma Ret Sales, HO MBI
114 H L Arya H,S & E, Digboi
115 S N Pandey Optimisation, CO ND
116 D K Banerjee Constn., Mourigram
117 S K Sharma LPG, PSO Chandigarh
118 Rakesh Jain Lube Ops, HO Mbi
119 S Senthil Kumar HR, SR Chennai
120 Arati Nath Jha CS, TNSO, Chennai
121 Raveendra Manvi TS, Gujarat Ref
122 Mukesh Jain Fin, Panipat
123 D L Pramodh Ret Sales, TNSO, Chennai
124 Sanjeev Kumar Jain MPSO Bhopal
125 Rahul Bhardwaj Avn, SR Chennai
126 E Sayanna(Dr) Grease & MWO, R&D Faridabad
127 Sanjay Manchanda Gas, CO ND
128 S K Ray PS-PJ, Ref HQ ND
129 R S Dahiya BSO, Patna
130 Sunil Mathur Dir(M) Sect, HO Mbi
131 S C Chopra PJ, Paradip
132 S S Lamba LPG Ops, HO Mbi
133 M Kalikrishna CC, CO
134 P K Mukhopadhyay Tech, Ref HQ ND
135 S K Dam(Dr.) CP&ES and HR, CO ND
136 V C Sati PHBPL, Paradip
137 S K Bose HRD,MS & Trg, PL HO Noida
138 S S John PJ, Paradip
139 R D Kherdekar Cons Sales, HO Mbi
140 S N Jha PJ-PDRP, Ref HQ
141 Venkataramana U TS, Mathura Ref.
142 V K Raizada PJ-PDRP, Ref HQ ND
143 M Pramanik PN-CG, Paradip
144 Subimal Mondal HRD & Trg, HO MBI
145 Debashish Roy Fin, Ref HQ ND
146 R K Mohapatra IOML, Mauritius
147 U K P Singh Ops, UPSO-I Lucknow
148 S S V Ramkumar (Dr) Auto Oil & NT, R&D Faridabad
149 M Devendrakumar Ret Dev, HO Mbi
150 Sanat Mishra ILS, HO Mbi
151 B K Ray IiPM Gurgaon
152 S N Sukhwal CP&ES, CO ND
153 Nirod Kumar Das HR, Barauni Ref
154 C Ganesh Vig, WRO Mbi
155 Vishwa Nath Garg Dir(Fin) Gr'H', Lubrizol Mumbai
156 C Bhattacharya PJ, R&D Faridabad
157 Sunil Puri MC, MCO Delhi
158 A P Venugopal IS, HO Mbi
159 Rabindranath Ghosh LPG, WBSO Kolkata
160 D V Ramana Rao Cons Sales, KASO Bangalore
161 B C Kanrar Taxation, HO Mbi
162 S Dasgupta Ops, ERPL Kolkata
163 L K Gupta Mats, Ref HQ ND
164 Dilip Hari HR, WRO Mbi
165 Amit Chakraborty PJ, Paradip
166 Sibaram Padhi HRD, Ref HQ ND
167 N B Hegde Ops, SRPL  Chennai
168 K J Kumar A&W, PL HO Noida
169 S K Agrawal Technical, Panipat Ref
170 A K Khurana SMPL, DBL Jaipur
171 N K Parmar HR, CO
172 Subodh Kumar Sustainable Dev, CO ND
173 S Bhattacharya TS, Paradip
174 Subrata Barma Gas, CO ND
175 V S Menon LC, Asauti
176 Pankaj Kumar Law, HO Mbi
177 Arun Kumar Ganjoo Vigilance, NRO ND
178 C K Tiwari ES & CC, Panipat
179 A K Nagpal IA, HO Mbi
180 Rajesh Bigghe A&W, Ref HQ
181 R Sitharthan Avn, HO Mbi
182 K K Sharma OSO, Bhubaneshwar
183 K Ramu Gas, CO ND
184 S M Vaidya Tech, PNC Panipat
185 K S Mishra Engg, HO Mbi
186 G K Acharya TPF & PL Resch, R&D Faridabad
187 Debashis Roy Alternate Engy, CO ND
188 C K Mukhopadhyay Tech, HQ ND
189 A Lahiri Mat, Panipat
190 R Kalita HR, Digboi
191 Arup Bhattacharjee HR, ERO Kolkata
192 Sangeeta Munjal (MS) Coord, CO ND
193 H K Singh PJ, PL HO Noida
194 Arvind Kumar Tech, NRPL Panipat
195 S N Ray Chaudhari Instt., CG Paradip
196 Ravindra Garg A&W, HO Mbi
197 G C Sikder Maint., CG Paradip
198 S K Mazumdar (Dr) IL & Trib, R&D Faridabad
199 C Srikrishna Explosives, Kolkata
200 Manish Sinha Cryogenics, Nasik
201 C S Chakrabarty Retail Autom., HO Mbi
202 S K Bansal IOF, CO ND
203 N Kumar HR, Ref HQ ND
204 B P Chakrabarti H,S & E, Ref HQ
205 P Choudhury Fin, AOD Digboi
206 Jogen Barpujari Guwahati Ref
207 B K Hazarika TS, Haldia Ref
208 M N Das Tech, BGR Ref
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May 20, 2015


Chapter- X

Statement Of Monthly Remuneration Of Officers And Workmen Including The System Of Compensation
The remuneration of the Officers of the Company is governed by the guidelines of the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India. The pay scales of officers are of Industrial DA pattern.
  Grade Designation Pay Scale
Officers Ao Asstt. Officer / Engineer Rs.20600-46500/-
A Officer / Engineer Rs.24900-50500/-
B Sr. Officer / Sr. Engr. / Asst. Manager Rs.29100-54500/-
C Deputy Manager Rs.32900-58000/-
D Manager Rs.36600-62000/-
E Senior Manager Rs.43200-66000/-
F Chief Manager Rs.51300-73000/-
G Dy. General Manager Rs.51300-73000/-
H General Manager Rs.51300-73000/-
I Executive Director Rs.62000-80000/-
Director (Schedule A) Director Rs.75000-100000/-
  Chairman (Schedule A) Chairman Rs.80000-125000/-

The remunerations of workmen are fixed through negotiations with Workmen’s Union subject to the overall guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India.

Workmen Grades
(Refineries, Pipelines, R&D and AOD)
Pay Scale
Pay Scale
I 10500-24500 I 10500-24500
II 10600-26500 - -
III 10800-29000 II 10800-29000
IV 11900-32000 III 11900-32000
V 12800-35000 IV 12800-35000
VI 13800-38500 V 13800-38500
VII 14800-40500 - -
VIII 16000-43700 VI 16000-43700
IX 20000-49200 VII 20000-49200
Note: In addition to the above, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Reimbursement, Leave Travel concessions, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Superannuation Benefits, etc. are provided as per the Company’s rules from time to time.
March 31, 2015


Chapter- XI

Budget Allocation and Expenditure
Plan and non-plan expenditure of the company for the financial years 2012-13, 2013-14 and budget for 2014-15.

( Crores) 
  2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 (BE)
Plan Expenditure 9,378.11 16,660.61 11,995.00
Non-Plan Expenditure 4,086.60 1,949.61 3,721.00
Total 13,464.71 18,610.22 15,716.00


Chapter- XII

Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of Beneficiaries of such programmes
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. does not have any subsidy schemes / programmes for public.

However, IndianOil earmarks substantial funds for donations, contributions and community development activities besides contribution to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund from time to time on the happening of any calamity. IndianOil also provides scholarships for meritorious students from economically weaker sections of society for pursuing professional and technical courses in various disciplines.
Chapter- XIII

Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or Authorisations granted by it
IndianOil does not grant any concession, permits or authorisation.

Chapter- XIV

Details of information available or held in Electronic Form
The information relating to Company Profile / Business, Products, Services, Financial Performance, Shareholding Pattern etc. is available at the Company’s website at

 Procedure For Seeking Information From Indianoil
Interested people can visit the website for desired information. If the required information is not available on the website they can send email to CPIO at email id seeking the required information as per RTI Act, 2005. If the required information is available same shall be provided within reasonable time.

Any citizen of India who desires to obtain any information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 (Act) may make a request preferably in the application format in writing or through electronic means to the Public Information Officer/Assistant Public Information Officer.

 In accordance to directive given in the Gazette notification issued by Deptt. of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, Govt. of India,       vide no. 34012/8(s)/2005-Estt.(B) dated 16.09.2005, the application for obtaining Information under sub-section (1) of section 6 must be accompanied by prescribed application fee drawn in favour of account officer, payable at the local office where the application has been submitted. At present the application fee, which is subject to change from time to time, is as under:-

Application fee : Rs 10/-

Mode of payment : By cash against proper receipt or by demand draft/banker’s cheque/ Indian Postal Order

Persons who belong to BPL category are not required to pay any fee provided necessary documents are produced in support of their claim.

In case it is decided to provide the information, the Requester shall be informed of the additional fees, if any, (as per Section 7(3) of RTI Act, 2005) required to be deposited by information seeker for the information sought and information shall be furnished after the receipt of the fee by the IOCL, as per the Act.

In accordance with directives given in the above mentioned Gazette notification dated 16/09/2005, for providing the information under sub-section 7, of the Act an additional fee shall be charged. At present, the applicable rates, which are subject to change from time to time, are given as under:-

aFor each page (in A-4 or A-3 size paper)Rs. 2/- per page
bFor a copy in larger size paperActual charge or cost price
cFor samples or modelsActual cost or price
dFor inspection of recordsNo fee for the first hour; and a fee of Rs. 5/-
for each hour (or fraction thereof) thereafter

Further, for providing the information under sub-section (5) of section of the Act, the fee shall be charged at the following rates:-

AFor information provided in diskette or floppyRs. 50/- per diskette or floppy
BFor information provided in printed formAt the price fixed for such publication or
Rs. 2/- per page of photocopy for extracts from
the publication

The mode of payment of above mentioned additional fees shall be the same as application fee.

Names, Designation and other Particulars of Central Public Information Offficers
In terms of Section 5 (1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, the Company has designated various officials as Information Officers and Appellate authorities. The list of such officials is available on the website of the Company.


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