IndianOil - Etching India’s Growth Story

Robust Growth Powered by a Strategic Business Portfolio

Refining, Pipelines and Marketing

We are among the leading downstream oil and gas companies in India. Our refineries have consistently expanded their product range and implemented new energy solutions, achieving several notable ‘firsts’. The Pipelines Division recently accomplished a significant milestone by successfully completing the longest-ever pipeline expansion, reiterating our commitment to improving our infrastructure and expanding our reach. Alongside, we are strengthening our petroleum marketing and distribution network to further reinforce our position as a market leader.

(refer page 51-55 of the report for more details)

Natural Gas

To ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of clean energy, we are scaling up operations to foster a steady supply of natural gas to our expanding customer base.

(refer page 56 of the report for more details)


Guided by our vision to become the largest petrochemicals player in India, we are taking steps to integrate our downstream operations and establishing a robust international presence.

(refer page 57 of the report for more details)

Exploration and Production

We are actively bolstering our position in the Exploration and Production (E&P) sector through strategic investments for acquiring E&P assets in domestic and international markets. It has resulted in notable increase in production during the current Financial Year.

(refer page 58 of the report for more details)

Other Energy Segments and Businesses

As a partner in India’s journey towards Net Zero, we are actively pursuing oppportunities in renewable energy, waste-to-energy, bio energy, sustainable aviation fuel, green hydrogen, amongst others.