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At the core of our endeavours lies a deep commitment to fulfil the needs of millions of customers and maintain conducive relations with diverse stakeholders. To improve performances and lead healthy transitions within the organisation, we seek to engage with people as well as regulatory bodies and the government, to create an environment that alleviates concerns and builds long-term value through insightful feedback.

₹264.03 Crore

CSR expenditure

₹2,40,185 Crore

Contribution to exchequer

Material Issues

Economic Performance

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Community Development

At IndianOil, we remain committed to fulfil the energy requirements of the nation while enhancing customer experiences. To efficiently serve customers ranging from households to industrial and institutional consumers, we are constantly strengthening our portfolio of products and services.

We prioritise customer satisfaction and take a proactive approach to address concerns through multiple channels such as in-person interactions, mobile apps, chatbots, and feedback mechanisms. As part of our digital transformation initiative, we have implemented ‘ePIC’, an electronic platform for improving customer service. It caters to customers of various business verticals including LPG, Retail Sales, Lubes, Petrochemicals, Institutional Business, and Aviation. The ePIC platform enables customers, partners, and employees to access services through the mobile and web portal. Our loyalty programme, XTRAREWARDS, is also hosted on this platform. It has also evolved into a unified enterprise digital business ecosystem with tie-ups with various alliance partners such as Amazon, Dominos and PayTm. The platform also collaborates with Hyundai Motors and Suzuki Motors to initiate cross-integration of loyalty points.

ePIC Platform

Over 26 Lakh households received LPG cylinders at their doorstep and we catered to 14 Crore customers through the ePIC platform. It also registers 11 Lakh accrual and redemption transactions every day and generates 1,500 invoices per day for Lube Stockists/Dealers. Around 25,000 retail outlets have also been onboarded to the platform.

We have also implemented a digital marketing platform for targeted digital campaigns and a WhatsApp campaign for domestic composite cylinders is underway. To improve customer experience, we have deployed the WhatsApp chatbot VIBA and launched a new initiative for predictive notification to customers for LPG refill booking. Brand awareness campaigns for customers are also regularly conducted to share information about new features, offers, best safety practices and loyalty promotions. Besides, we actively engage with customers through various social media platforms. At IndianOil, we welcome customers’ suggestions, opinions, and complaints through our website and mobile apps. Prompt action is also taken to ensure timely grievance redressal.

ONE Mobile App

Recorded 9 Million downloads and has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store.

Our suppliers and business partners play a crucial role in delivering quality services to our customers and ensure uninterrupted supplies to customers in different parts of the country.

At IndianOil, we have always remained aligned with nation building efforts and continue to support the government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ mission by onboarding local merchants and suppliers, thereby making way for livelihood opportunities. We regularly engage with our business partners to understand their perspectives and accordingly incorporate changes in our tender conditions to accomplish our targets. Our unwavering commitment to fostering healthy relationships with our suppliers and business partners help us to ensure operational excellence.

We have always remained aligned with nation building efforts and continue to support the government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ mission by onboarding local merchants and suppliers, thereby making way for livelihood opportunities.

At IndianOil, we place great emphasis on actively addressing and resolving the concerns of our investors. We are dedicated to empower our investors with prudent financial management and seek to live up to the trust and confidence reposed in us. We maintain constant communication with our investors which enables us to effectively gauge investor expectations and promptly handle concerns. Our transparent governance framework allows us to foster clear channels of communication with investors and maintain long-term relationships.

₹ 1,10,004 Crore

Market capitalisation as on March 31, 2023

₹ 4,131 Crore

Dividend for 2022-23


Dividend pay-out ratio

18.78 Lakh

Total number of shareholders as on March 31, 2023

Through deeper engagements with the government and various industrial bodies, we aspire to uphold regulatory norms across all our operations. Besides, strengthening country’s energy security, we are exploring prospects to harness clean energy and undertaking concerted efforts to contribute to a sustainable future. We also align ourselves with government initiatives such as ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat,’ ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and ‘Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY)’, to actively contribute to nation building efforts.

₹ 2,40,185 Crore

Market capitalisation as on March 31, 2023

At IndianOil, we are dedicated to promoting the socio-economic development of the communities we serve. Our community outreach programmes are designed to empower and uplift underprivileged segments of society by addressing their unique needs and challenges. To accomplish this, we actively partner with government agencies and other organisations to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Our CSR initiatives encompass a wide range of programmes revolving around health, nutrition, education, skill development, environmental sustainability, women empowerment, and support for the differently abled. We prioritise reaching out to disadvantaged segments of society, to foster inclusivity and create a more equitable society.


CSR projects undertaken

21,350 girls

Benefitted from project Garima


Patients benefitted from cancer care project

3,530 farmers

Benefitted through Project Vayu Amrit

Some of our noteworthy CSR Projects Include: