To sustain robust transitions and pave the way for dynamic performances, we rely on a talented pool of people who are determined to foster excellence through a performance-driven work culture. Our emphasis on people development, employee engagement and continuous learning allows our human resource to always remain poised to fulfil professional as well as organisational objectives.


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Occupational Health and Safety

At IndianOil, we prioritise the health and safety of our people. We, therefore, continue to implement various initiatives ranging from competence building to the development of specific training programmes, covering the entire spectrum of occupational health and safety-related topics. By emphasising on capability building and comprehensive training processes, we aim to create a safe working environment across our operations. The following initiatives were undertaken during 2022-23:

IndianOil launched ‘TB Mukt IndianOil Parivar’ program on November 22, 2022, to support the National TB Elimination Program. The program includes screening the entire workforce, creating awareness, and building capacity to achieve a ‘TB Mukt Bharat’ by 2025. Phase-1, covering employees and family members, was successfully completed by January 31, 2023, with the help of ‘TB Mukt IndianOil Parivar’ App. Phase-2 and Phase-3 are currently in progress, covering contractual workers and retail outlet staff

1st IndianOil Safety Day was observed on October 29, 2022, reaffirming IndianOil’s commitment to safety. Chairman, IndianOil dedicated ‘Smriti Sthal’ at the Jaipur TOP, Mohanpura to pay tribute and honour the lives lost in the line of duty

To foster better synergy and coordination on health, safety, and environment (HSE) initiatives between various departments, a Divisional HSE meet ‘SAMANVAYA’ was organised. It saw the participation of HSE heads from Refineries, Marketing, Pipelines, R&D and Business Development, along with their respective teams. The meeting served as a platform for the Divisions to make presentations on new HSE initiatives that can be implemented in different departments. This collaborative effort aimed to promote knowledge sharing and the implementation of best practices in the field of health, safety, and environment

IndianOil organised ‘SAMVAAD’, a meeting of H,S&E heads of Oil Marketing Companies in May 2022. The meeting focused on discussing initiatives for improving the H,S&E Management System, reducing accidents in the Oil Industry, and addressing issues related to PESO, PNGRB, and OISD

Health check-up camps were successfully organised at various locations of the Marketing Division, in collaboration with nearby hospitals. These camps aimed to assess the health parameters of individuals, including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, and eye check-ups. A total of 32,240 drivers, accounting for an impressive coverage rate of 89.1%, were examined across Petroleum, Oil and Lubrication (POL) and LPG locations. In addition, health camps were conducted at Panipat, benefiting approximately 500 personnel. At Paradip Refinery, a health camp and eye check-up camp was organised specifically for drivers, where 400 drivers underwent check-ups, and 160 spectacles were distributed to those in need. These initiatives demonstrate IndianOil’s commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of its employees and stakeholders.

Training and Development

IndianOil is dedicated to fostering a strong leadership pipeline and believes in empowering individuals to take ownership of their tasks and make a meaningful impact. We, therefore, strive to adopt people-friendly human resource policies and practices that encourage a consultative and collaborative approach to problem-solving. The development of various flagship programmes, designed to promote leadership qualities at all levels, bears testament to our constant emphasis on building competencies and enhancing skill sets. Employees have also benefited from specialised training programmes, tailored to particular roles within the organisation. The various learning and development initiatives introduced during the year were:

Hazard and operability study (HAZOP) and risk analysis training

Behaviour based safety implementation in industries training programme

Training programme on ‘Electrical safety’

‘Sampark’ App for safety training

Training on CIMS (Centralised Integrity Management System) and Integrity Management Plan (IMP)

adhyama – Mid Career Training Programme

Aarohi 5.0 flagship programme on women leadership development

Sarathi (One-on-One Executive Coaching)

eLearning ecosystem, Swadhyaya

Harvard ManageMentor® (HMM) – 2nd year

In collaboration with NMIMS Mumbai, the Sustainable Development Department of IndianOil, we launched a unique programme to raise awareness among employees about global social and environmental issues and foster a group of advocates for sustainable development initiatives

Specialised training programmes for frontline chemical engineers in collaboration with process licensors and experts

Cross-industry workshops and training on petrochemical and refinery technologies

Interaction with frontline officers and the organisation of ‘Festival of Ideas’ to encourage in-house idea generation for organisational improvement.

We launched a unique programme to raise awareness among employees about global, social and environmental issues and foster a group of advocates for sustainable development initiatives.

Simplifying Retirement Formalities

‘eSambandh,’ our new integrated portal designed for retiring and retired employees. It offers a single touchpoint for superannuation formalities, PRMBF needs, SABF pension, and ex-gratia information. With paperless claims and centralised services, it ensures convenience, data accuracy, and time savings. ‘eSambandh’ aims to enhance the retirement experience and provide ongoing support, reflecting our commitment to employee satisfaction through technology driven solutions.

Diversity and Inclusion

At IndianOil, we have robust people centric processes aligned with global best practices to create an inclusive, engaged, and diverse work culture. We believe in upholding human rights and offering equal employment opportunities without differentiating on the basis of gender, caste, creed, nationality or physical ability. Besides, we have developed a comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Index to create an inclusive working environment.

We organised the Aprajita programme for 26 young women officers, to promote women empowerment. Aarohi 5.0, our flagship women leadership development programme, was launched to foster the development of future business leaders. These efforts reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive work environment that enables every individual to grow and contribute to our success.


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Capacity Building of the Nation

Through our collaborative partnerships and talent development efforts, we are playing a vital role in building a capable and skilled workforce. By equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and competencies, we are driving positive change and contributing to the nation’s overall growth and development. We have collaborated with the Capacity Building Commission (CBC), Government of India, through a Statement of Intent (SOI). This partnership aims to foster knowledge exchange and support the implementation of a comprehensive framework for roles, activities, and competencies. Additionally, we will conduct capacity-building workshops for government officials and other stakeholders.

Additionally, our talent development initiatives have garnered recognition and trust. We have been entrusted with conducting practitioner led executive development programs for executives from newly formed defence Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). These programs are being effectively executed at the National Academy of Defense Production in Nagpur, showcasing IndianOil’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of professionals in the defence sector.