Our world-class infrastructure and best-in-class assets empowers us to constantly report extraordinary performances. From managing an extensive network of oil refineries to maintaining a strong petroleum pipeline network, we are constantly shoring up capacities to undertake exploration and production activities in India and abroad.




Marketing touch points

17,000+ km

Pipeline network

Material Issues

Product Stewardship

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Sustainable Supply Chain


IndianOil has played a key role in driving the Indian Government’s vision of achieving self-sufficiency in oil refining and marketing. With 28% share of India’s refining capacity, we have consistently expanded our product range and implemented new energy solutions, achieving several notable ‘firsts’ and delivering significant business growth. At present, we have nine refineries in India, effectively meeting the growing energy demands of the nation while meeting our sustainability targets.

70.05 MMTPA

Refining capacity

US$ 19.52 per barrel GRM

(US$ 11.25 per barrel in 2021-22)

72.41 MMT

Refinery throughput (67.67 MMT in 2021-22)


Refinery capacity utilisation (96.6% in 2021-22)

Performance Highlights

Expanding the capacity of Panipat Refinery from 15 MMTPA to 25 MMTPA.

Expanding the capacity of Barauni Refinery from 6.0 to 9.0 MMTPA, enhancing our production capabilities.

Constructed a state-of-the-art Grassroot Para Xylene and Purified Terephthalic Acid Plant at Paradip Refinery to improve the Petrochemical Intensity Index (PII) of the Company.

Undertook the construction of an acrylics/oxo alcohol project at the Gujarat Refinery, demonstrating our focus on diversification towards building a robust value-added product portfolio.

A Year of Firsts

Commissioned the first, one-of-its kind 2G Ethanol plant (for production of bioethanol from rice straw) at Panipat Refinery and dedicated to the service of the nation.

Commissioned India’s first Wet Sulphuric Acid Plant at Haldia Refinery

Commissioned our first indJet® unit at Barauni refinery and indSelectG® unit at Guwahati

Commissioned India’s first Green Cooling Tower at Barauni, showcasing our commitment to exploring and implementing energy-efficient and environment-friendly alternatives to conventional systems.

Gujarat Refinery successfully produced AVGAS 100 LL, placing India among a select group of countries that can produce this niche fuel.

Did You Know

The Company expanded its crude basket by including 36 new grades of crude from different regions such as Africa, Middle East, America, and Russia, among others, during 2022-23 and now has a total of 247 grades of crude.


To meet the growing demands for petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL) in the country, we have embarked on an ambitious capacity expansion plan. By 2026, our approved projects will significantly increase our crude oil refining capacity from the current 70.05 MMTPA to 87.9 MMTPA. We have diversified our crude oil sources by incorporating thirty-six new grades of crude from various regions, including Africa, the Middle East, America, Russia, and other locations. This strategic move allows us to enhance our crude basket, to deliver a wider range of feedstocks and optimise our refining processes to produce high-quality petroleum products efficiently. Through these initiatives, we are committed to fulfilling the country’s growing demand for POL products, enhancing energy security and contributing to the nation’s economic development.


We manage one of the largest and most extensive petroleum pipeline networks in the world. With a strong emphasis on safety, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency, we ensure seamless transportation of crude oil and petroleum products in an ecologically viable manner.

Highest throughput of :

53.4 MMT

For crude pipeline

41.7 MMT

For product pipeline

3,077 MMSCM

For gas pipeline

Market share in country’s pipeline network* :


Crude pipeline


Product pipeline


Gas pipeline

*PPAC Report, February, 2023

95.04 MMT

Highest ever liquid throughput achieved in 2022-23

119.20 MMTPA

Capacity of crude oil and product pipelines

48.73 MMSCMD

Capacity of gas pipeline

17,564 km

Total network of pipeline managed


Pipeline capacity utilisation (87% in 2021-22)

Did You Know

We did about 2,450 km pipeline expansion in the last year, marking the highest ever expansion in the Pipelines Division’s silver jubilee year. With the commissioning of the Paradip-Patna LPG Pipeline, we now have the Longest LPG network in the country.

Performance Highlights

Crude pipelines achieved a record throughput driven by a 10% increase compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Product pipelines achieved a record throughput increasing by 20% in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Gas pipelines achieved a throughput, 3.1% higher than the corresponding period of the previous year.

First-ever ATF batch was successfully delivered at the Bhubaneshwar Terminal through the Paradip-Raipur-Ranchi Pipeline (PRRPL). This initiative resulted

in substantial logistics savings of up to ₹ 365 per MT, with a batch of 8.5 TKL being pumped from Paradip Refinery.

As an industry-first initiative, a DRA (Drag Reducing Agent) trial was conducted in an LPG pipeline, starting with the Panipat-Jalandhar Pipeline

Signed an agreement with Snam, Italy, one of the leading Natural Gas Transmission Network companies, to inject Hydrogen into the existing natural gas pipelines, a move that will improve the efficiency and sustainability of the pipeline network.


We are focused on implementing new pipeline projects. These include capacity augmentation of Koyali (Gujarat) and Panipat Refineries, along with the establishment of a new grassroot refinery at Nagapattinam. We aim to connect grassroot and existing marketing terminals with pipelines, evacuate petroleum products, establish ATF pipelines for airports, and meet the gas requirements of CGD GAs, refineries, and our anchor customers. To expand IndianOil’s pipeline network and further consolidate our market share, projects for construction of LPG and ATF pipelines, conversion of old pipelines to new ones, and the Gurdaspur-Jammu Natural Gas Pipeline projects have been pursued. Your Company is executing pipeline projects valued over H 34,755 Crore, which upon completion by February 2026, would increase the pipeline network length to around 21,298 km and enhance capacity to 164.37 MMTPA and 50.73 MMSCMD for liquid and gas pipelines, respectively.


IndianOil caters to the energy needs of millions of people daily through its extensive network of fuel stations, storage terminals, depots, aviation fuel stations, LPG bottling plants, and lube blending plants. With one of Asia’s largest marketing and distribution networks, we ensure uninterrupted supply of petroleum products to every corner of the country, serving billions of Indians.

Marketing Network Infrastructure at a Glance


Retail outlets (added 1,784 in 2022-23)


CNG stations (added 303 in 2022-23)


CBG stations (added 19 in 2022-23)


Aviation fueling stations (added 5 in 2022-23)


LPG bottling plants/terminals with 10 commissioned in 2022-23


LPG distributors


Lube blending plants in India

704 TMT

SERVO’s highest ever sales volume (marking a growth of 9.5% in 2022-23)


Countries of presence for SERVO


EV charging stations (including 76 Battery Swapping Stations)

Performance Highlights

Maintained our industry leadership position with a market share of 44.6% and sales volume of 85.8 MMT (excl. LNG).

Commissioned 1,784 retail outlets (including Kesan Seva Kendra), 303 CNG stations. Also commissioned 3,321 EV charging stations and 44 battery swapping stations.

Commissioned 10 LPG bottling plants, 5 in greenfield and 5 through private bottlers.

IndianOil Aviation also retained its market leadership in 2022-23, holding a market share of 61.3% and sales volume of 4,514 TMT.

Commissioned 5 new AFSs at Deoghar, Hollongi, INS Parundu (Ramnad), Cooch Behar, and Belgavi, expanding the total count to 132 AFSs across India. The construction of a state-of-the-art Hydrant Refueling System at Kalaikunda AFS for Indian Air Force aircrafts was successfully completed, with operations expected to commence soon.

To meet fleet expansion demands, IndianOil Aviation procured 60 new Refuelers from BG Cryogenics, utilising their in-house facility.

Achieved highest-ever production of 40,051 Cryocans and 90 Industrial Containers.

Moreover 115 Filter Casings on existing Refuellers were upgraded to Filter Water Separator casings, in compliance with latest regulatory guidelines.

POL product commissioning and commercial loading have commenced with automation at Silchar Depot, Guntakal Depot, Motihari Terminal, and Asanur Terminal, providing a total tankage capacity of 238 TKLs. Additionally, brownfield expansion projects at Manmad, Ahmednagar, Ahmedabad, Ratlam, and Vijaywada Terminal have been commissioned, adding a total tankage capacity of 411 TKLs. Vizag’s additional tankage capacity of 43 TKLs is ready for commissioning and is awaiting OISD clearance.

We commissioned three high-pressure Homogenizers at the Vashi Grease Plant last December for SERVO which resulted in a notable 20% increase in production.

During 2022-23, 41 OEM approvals were received from major automotive companies such as Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, MG Motors, Hero Motors, TVS Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Blue Energy, Cummins, and so on.

Flag off Ceremony for Branded LPG Delivery Vehicles in Gujarat, showcasing unity and brand promotion - a first in the country


We are actively establishing EV charging stations across the country and expanding our distribution network and client base to ensure uninterrupted product supply. Embracing innovative technologies, we aim to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. Our non-fuel business portfolio is also expected to grow with the addition of new products and services in FMCG and home care divisions. Additionally, we have plans for developing bio-fuel facilities. Under the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) initiative, we have successfully commissioned 22 Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) plants. To make CBG accessible to the public, we have introduced the IndiGreen brand and established 46 retail outlets across India.

Projects for opening of new Aviation Fuel Stations (AFS), conducting pilot tests with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and commissioning additional tankage for Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) are also underway. We are also focusing on achieving certifications, conducting feasibility studies, ensuring cost reduction, and carrying our multidimensional promotional campaigns to aid our growth.

Natural Gas

We have emerged as a prominent player in the natural gas sector through our persistent endeavours to improve our infrastructure, expand the supply network, and promote LNG adoption. With a significant market presence, today we are the second largest player in the sector in India, actively reinforcing our position across the natural gas value chain. We are, therefore, scaling up LNG sourcing, strengthening infrastructure with import terminals, expanding pipelines and city gas distribution networks. Moreover, we are committed to providing convenient ‘LNG at the doorstep’ for our customers, ensuring easy access to reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

2.84 MMT

Sale to customers in 2022-23

With a significant market presence, today we are the second largest player in the sector in India, actively reinforcing our position across the natural gas value chain.

Performance Highlights

Setting up 16 LNG retail stations on major highways in India, facilitating the adoption of LNG as a clean and cost effective fuel.

Successfully commissioned the 813 km phase 2 of the Mehsana-Bhatinda natural gas pipeline, in partnership with GSPL India Gasnet Ltd.

Executed a Gas Transportation Agreement with GSPL, enabling the transportation of gas from LNG terminals in Gujarat to the Panipat Refinery.

Appointed as an aggregator for urea manufacturing units of the fertilizer sector to procure and supply HPHT gas. Procured 1.53 MMSCMD of gas through successful bidding in RIL-BPEAL’s tenders for fertilizers units.

Added 8 new customers to our natural gas portfolio.

Commenced gas procurement through IGX (Indian Gas Exchange) for trading purposes, where IndianOil also holds equity stake of 4.93%.


We have allocated significant investments, with an outlay exceeding H 600 Crore in 2022-23, towards city gas distribution (CGD) projects. By expanding our CGD network, we aim to extend our reach and increase our customer base. These projects will enable us to supply clean and affordable energy solutions to a wider consumer base, cementing our position as a leader in the sector. The Company along with its 2 JVCs is now present in 49 GAs and 112 districts spread across 21 states and UTs, making it one of the largest CGD players in the country. On a standalone basis, IndianOil has authorisations for 26 GAs, covering 75 districts, in 11 states and UTs.


IndianOil is a prominent player in India’s petrochemicals market, actively leveraging the abundant growth opportunities in this sector. With our extensive range of petrochemical products, marketed under the brand name ‘PROPEL,’ we aim to fulfil the day-to-day needs of our customers. Realising the immense growth potential of the petrochemicals market, we see immense opportunities for future expansion in this segment.


Production capacity

2.23 MMT

Petrochemical sales in 2022-23

Performance Highlights

Actively explored new opportunities in the Recyclates market and launched ‘CYCLOPLAST,’ a brand dedicated to recycled plastics, in our pursuit of achieving ‘Plastic Neutrality’.

Started sourcing Recyclates from reputable recyclers, ensuring the highest quality standards, to produce 100% waste recycled plastic. This not only contributes to a circular economy but also significantly reduces our environmental impact.

Product share in Sales %

Product Portfolio

Linear Alkaline Benzene (LAB)

Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)

Paraxylene (PX)

Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)

Polypropylene (PP)

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)


Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB)



We have set a target to achieve 8.2 MMTPA of petrochemical manufacturing volume by 2026-27. Currently, we have a petrochemicals production capacity of 4.1 MMTPA. Looking ahead, our long-term objective is to enhance our petrochemical capacity to 15 MMTPA and increase the Petrochemical Intensity Index from 5.9% to 15% by 2029-30. To realise this ambitious goal, we have identified various projects that are currently in different stages of implementation. By strategically investing in these projects and leveraging our expertise, we are confident of our ability to achieve significant growth in the petrochemicals sector.


We have been actively engaged in exploration and production (E&P) activities, in India and abroad, in collaboration with consortium partners. These efforts aim to strengthen and expand our upstream integration.


Domestic assets


Overseas assets

Performance Highlights

Farmed-in with 30% PI in 5 OALP blocks awarded to Oil India Ltd. in OALP Bid Rounds – III & V.

In consortium with ONGC, emerged as the successful bidder in 2 contract areas under Discovered Small Fields (DSF-III) Bid Round.

Executed a Farm-in Farm-out (FIFO) agreement with Vedanta Ltd. for initiation of the transfer of 30% stake from Vedanta for 2 OALP-I exploration blocks.

Identifying suitable mid-sized companies engaged in the upstream business for potential acquisition, exemplified by the acquisition of 100% stake in Mercator Petroleum Limited (MPL) through the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.

Working towards the monetisation of 2 Coal Bed Methane (CBM) assets in Jharkhand through e-bidding to achieve early returns.

Evaluating overseas bid rounds and assets for potential participation based on techno-commercial viability


We aim to increase our upstream integration ratio to 10% by the year 2030 from the current 5.3%. To enhance energy security and reduce import dependence, we have set a production target of 9.68 MMTPA by 2029-30, to surpass our current production of 4.27 MMTPA in 2022-23. We also remain focused on participating in domestic exploration bid rounds, collaborating with major National Oil Companies (NOCs) and International Oil Companies (IOCs), exploring newly discovered areas, optimising capital expenditure in existing assets and acquiring new producing assets.