Leadership and Governance

At IndianOil, India’s foremost integrated and diversified energy company, we are driven by a strong commitment to conduct business with careful consideration and responsibility.

Empowering Trust through Governance

Determined to Foster a Culture of Transparency and Accountability

IndianOil upholds a robust governance structure firmly rooted in the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability. It enables the Company to adhere to the highest standards of ethical and responsible business practices to maximise value for all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees, contractors, vendors and communities. Our continuous commitment to remain aligned with the best emerging practices allows us to nurture stakeholder trust, build enduring relations and prepare us to successfully accomplish our objectives.

Visionary Leadership Guiding Strategic Direction

We place paramount importance on upholding exemplary corporate governance standards and fostering visionary leadership. The Board of Directors assumes a pivotal role in providing strategic direction, setting an unwavering ethical foundation, and driving effective decision-making. Their independent and well-informed judgment serves as a guiding force for crucial determinations, seamlessly integrating strategic initiatives, risk management, performance optimisation, and sustainable development considerations into the fabric of IndianOil’s business practices.

We believe that a strong organisational culture is crucial to our success. Therefore, our Board’s influence extends to shaping our culture by defining our visionary mission, strategic pursuits, and core values. By fostering an environment that prioritises integrity, responsibility, and ethical conduct, we empower ourselves as a conscientious and forward-thinking corporate entity. This strong cultural framework enables us to seize emerging market opportunities while promoting a governance framework that continuously generates value for all our stakeholders.

Fostering a Culture of Integrity

To ensure adherence to relevant laws and regulations, we have established a robust Code of Conduct (CoC) which serves as a guiding framework for all Directors and employees of the Company. Our CoC underscores the importance of personal and professional integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct, and we encourage all individuals associated with us to abide by these principles.

We have framed a Whistle-blower Policy as a cornerstone of our commitment to integrity and ethical conduct. The policy serves as a tool to reinforce the CoC, inspiring each director and employee to embrace positive actions that align with our core beliefs.

The Whistle-blower Policy empowers every individual within the organisation, including Directors and employees, to report any instances of improper acts. This serves as a safeguard against any form of victimisation, ensuring that individuals can come forward without fear or hesitation.