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Minor Incident at Barauni Refinery – All Personnel are Safe
New Delhi   16-Sep-2021

At around 10:30 am today, an incident of a furnace blow-up took place at IndianOil’s Barauni Refinery (at Begusarai district in Bihar). This incident happened during the lighting up of the burner in one of the furnaces of the AVU-1 unit, causing minor injuries to people working in the vicinity. There has been no fire or any death, and the injured are entirely out of danger.

The planned shutdown of the Barauni refinery has been on since 20th August 2021. The cause of the incident is now under technical investigation. The refinery operations of the other units remain unaffected. The Refinery authorities have assured that everyone inside and outside the refinery premises is entirely safe. Senior officials from District Management, including the SDM and DSP, visited the spot and described the situation entirely under control.

As soon as the incident was reported, the Refinery’s Emergency Disaster Response Management System was activated, ensuring prompt action. The 19 injured persons were immediately provided first aid and then admitted to the Refinery Hospital and nearby Glocal Hospital for timely medical treatment. Of the 19 injured, 11 have already been discharged after first aid, and the condition of the remaining are stable. Among those injured were 5 refinery employees and 14 contract workers.

IndianOil is fully committed to the safety of its employees, contract workers and people living in and around the refinery.

John Prasad K.
Chief General Manager
Corporate Communications
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.