IndianOil has a thriving Cryogenics business with expertise in design & production of state-of-the-art vacuum super-insulated cryogenic storage and transport vessels. We are one of the largest manufacturers of cryogenic containers in the country.

We offer a diverse range of products for long-term cryogenic preservation of biological samples as well as for use in industries, laboratories, and oilfield service applications. A market leader with nearly four decades of experience in cryogenic and vacuum engineering, we serve various industries such as Refineries, Chemicals, Aviation, Lubricants, Animal Husbandry, Gas etc., through specialised and custom-built product lines.

An advanced manufacturing unit, located at Nashik spread over an area of 36,000 sq. metres, is equipped with specialized sophisticated machines to manufacture -

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Our Brand Promise: Expertise Meets Innovation

To service the varied and specialised needs of our customers, our Cryogenics business team is equipped with a strong engineering background and sophisticated problem-solving skills acquired over years of experience and training.

Design capabilities
Software – tools & skills
Manufacturing capabilities

Recognitions & Approvals

  • ISO 9001certified
  • ISI mark for Cryocans - confirming to IS11552 - the first company in India to get ISI mark for this product.
  • The only facility to have PESO approval for manufacturing cryogenic and pressure vessels - under SMPV and Petroleum Rules.


Cryocan - Liquid Nitrogen Dewars (0.5 to 55 Ltrs.)

Double-walled non-pressurised Aluminium container for storing liquid Nitrogen. Cryocans are mainly used to preserve bull semen under extremely cold temperatures i.e -196? in liquid Nitrogen. The bull semen thus preserved is used for artificial insemination in the field to get a better breed of cows for higher milk yield.

Cryocans are also used for various other applications such as embryos and amp; stem cells preservation by IVF clinics, dermatology and shrink fitting, etc. It is our signature product and holds the major market share in the country. The Cryocans are also exported to Europe, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. We have an installed capacity to produce around 32,000 Cryocans annually.

Major Customers:

• State animal husbandry departments and livestock development boards
• Milk unions
• IVF clinics, Laboratories,
• Automobile industry (for shrink fitting)


Cryovessels - Pressurised large capacity cryogenic containers

Cryovessels are double-walled vessels an inner vessel made of stainless steel and outer vessel of carbon steel. These are used for storage and transportation of liquefied gases like liquid Nitrogen (LIN), liquid Oxygen (LOX), liquid Argon (LAr) and liquified natural gas (LNG). Cryovessels are designed and manufactured conforming to various international codes such as ASME, EN, ADM, BS & ISO under reputed third-party inspection agencies such as LRA, BV, TUV, PDIL, etc. to meet the stringent Indian conditions.

Range of Cryogenic vessels:

• Cryogenic Storage vessels (100 to 150,000 Ltr)
• Cryogenic Transport Vessels (500 to 40000 Ltr)

BG(Cryogenics) is the pioneer in Multi Layered Super Insulation (MLSI) technology. Transport vessels built with cold stretched process and MLSI insulation offers optimized payload carrying capacity.

Major Customers:

• State animal husbandry departments
• Livestock Development Boards
• Milk unions
• Gas industry (Praxair, Linde, BOC, Air Liquide, etc.)

Pressure Vessels

Leveraging its strength in manufacturing pressurised cryogenic storage & transport vessels, IndianOil manufactures stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel pressure vessels required by refineries and process industry. We undertake the turnkey job of design, sourcing raw materials, fabrication under third party inspection, PMC, testing and supply of pressure vessel with variety of MOC.

Range of pressure vessels:

• Carbon steel pressure vessels (Upto 40 mm thickness, 100000 Ltr)
• Stainless steel pressure vessels (Upto 30 mm thickness, 100000 Ltr)

Major Customers:

• Refineries and Chemical industry


Custom-built Special Cryogenic Projects

We execute custom-built special cryogenics projects involving PLC-based control systems for various applications. This includes our latest project for LOX Storage and Delivery System for Naval Material Research Laboratory.

Major Customers:

• Defence and Space industry
• Research laboratories

LNG logistics and regassification systems

For the LNG businesses, we offer customised cryogenic solutions for storage and transport of Natural Gas. Currently, a Liquefied CNG / LNG fuelling facility, the first of its kind in the country, is being set up on turnkey basis at IndianOil’s integrated fuel complex at Anayara in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Major Customers:

• Bulk Natural Gas users
• Fuel Stations selling CNG
• Glass and ceramic industry (For LNG storage and regasification systems)

Aviation Equipment

• Containerised Aviation Fuel Tanks

Our expertise in manufacturing double-walled containers is leveraged to develop customised solutions for the Aviation industry. A space-saving design for containerised aviation fuel tanks (of 35 kl capacity) have been developed and deployed resulting in speedy set-up of small sized Aviation Fuelling Stations.

IndianOil’s BG(Cryo) Nashik Plant has the unique distinction of being the only facility certified by PESO for manufacturing under SMPV rules as well as petroleum rules.

• Refuellers

This is the latest addition to our business offerings. Ability to manufacture aviation refuellers has proven to be a shot in the arm for IndianOil’s aviation business. It offers a platform to develop next generation refuelling solutions and curtails dependence on external resources.

We have already manufactured and delivered 6 KL aviation refuellers to various aviation fuelling stations and Army locations. Currently batches of 11KL and 16 KL refuellers are in the final stages of manufacturing.

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