Carbon Black Feed Stock (CBFS)

CBFS in the raw material for manufacture of carbon black, which is used by the tyre industry. A small portion of this product is also used by processors to make various downstream chemicals like Agarbatti Oil, White Oil etc. This is also used for manufacture of Rubber Process Oils. There are two types of CBFS viz. High BMCI type and General type. "BMCI" (Bureau of Mines Co-relation Index) effectively measures the degree yield of Carbon Black. The higher the number, the better the yield of Carbon Black. Sulphur content in CBFS reduces the effect of BMCI value.


High BMCI CBFS is produced only at Barauni Refinery of IOC. The other grade is produced at Haldia and CPCL Refineries. High BMCI CBFS is taken by Carbon Black Manufacturers.

End Use

High BMCI CBFS is used as raw material by Carbon Black manufacturers. The other grade is used by various consumers to manufacture rubber process oils, agarbattis etc.

Marketing arrangement

CBFS is sold only on ex MI basis from Barauni, Haldia and CPCL refineries. Supplies through Railway Tank wagons can be given from Barauni Refinery.

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