Jute Batching Oil

JBO is a middle distillate produced by petroleum refineries. There are two grades of JBO available viz. JBO(C) and JBO(P). JBO(C) is a lighter product whereas JBO(P) is heavier. (C) indicates "Clear" and (P) indicates "Pale". JBO is obtained as a straight run product by distillation of crude oil in the petroleum refineries. Based on market requirements, JBO(C) or JBO(P) are produced.


Jute Batching Oil is produced only at Haldia Refinery of IOC. Production of JBO by refinery is regulated based on the offtake.

Unit Production capacity ('000 MTPA)
IOC Haldia JBO(C) & JBO(P)

End Use

JBO is mainly used as Jute Batching Oil in the jute industry to make the jute fibres pliable. JBO is also used by processors to produce various industrial oils.

Since Jute materials are used in packaging of food material, presence of heavier Oil (which may contain carcinogenic compounds) are not desirable. Similarly, presence of lighter material may give Kerosene like odour and hence not desired in JBO.

JBO is also used as Wash Oil by the Steel Plants for recovering aromatic products from the coke oven gas. JBO(C) & JBO(P) can be used for this purpose.

Marketing arrangement

JBO/Wash Oil is sold ex Haldia Refinery on ex MI basis through customers tank trucks.

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