Haldia Refinery

Haldia Refinery Fourth in the chain of 10 operating Refineries of IndianOil, Haldia Refinery is one of the two refineries of IndianOil Group Companies producing Lube Oil Base Stocks (LOBS). The Refinery was commissioned in January 1975. It is situated 136 km downstream of Kolkata in the district of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, near the confluence of river Hooghly and Haldi.

From a fledgling Refinery in the 1970s to the first producer of Micro-Crystalline Wax in India; from a technology absorber to a provider of technological knowledge in Lube Oil Base Stock production, Maintenance in Oil Industry, and Motor Spirit Quality Improvement Process - the journey is breathtaking.

Petroleum products from this refinery are supplied mainly to eastern India through two product pipelines, namely Haldia-Mourigram-Rajband Pipeline (HMRBPL), and Haldia-Barauni-Kanpur Pipeline (HBKPL), as well as through barges, Tankers, tank wagons and tank trucks. Products like SRN, MS, HSD, FO and Bitumen are exported from this refinery. Products from Haldia Refinery are dispatched in all modes (Rail, Road, Pipeline and Coastal).

Haldia Refinery is the only coastal refinery of the corporation and the lone lube flagship amongst IndianOil Refineries, apart from being the sole producer of Jute Batching Oil. Diesel Hydro Desulphurisation (DHDS) Unit in 1999 and Once through Hydro-Cracker Unit (OHCU) in 2010 was commissioned. Presently, Haldia Refinery is producing BS-IV MS/ HSD from 1st January 2017. Haldia Refinery also produces eco-friendly Bitumen emulsion. A Catalytic Dew axing Unit (CIDWU) was installed and commissioned in 2003 for production of superior quality Lube Oil Base Stocks (LOBS), meeting the API Gr-II standard of LOBS.

Haldia RefinerySpread over an area of 500 acres, Haldia Refinery consists of four blocks of process units called the Fuel Oil Block, the Lube Oil Block, the OHCU Block and the DHDS Block. The Oil Movement & Storage (OM&S) and Utility sections cater to the storage and movement of crude oil and products along with provision of generating and distributing steam, power, air and other utilities.

Process Units

Fuel Oil Block (FOB)

Fuel Oil Block, commissioned in 1975 in technical collaboration with M/s. TECHNIP-ENSA of France, presently comprises of two numbers of Atmospheric Distillation Units (CDU-I & II) along with Naphtha Pre-treating (NHDT), Catalytic Reforming Unit (CRU), and Kero Hydro De-sulphurisation Unit (KHDS).

The initial processing capacity of the Atmospheric/Crude Distillation Unit was 2.5 MMTPA. It was increased to 3.16 MMTPA in May 1988 and further scaled to 3.4 MMTPA through in-house de-bottlenecking in the year 1996. In 1997 the second Crude Distillation Unit of 1 MMTPA was commissioned. The capacity of the second Crude Distillation Unit was augmented to 2.4 MMTPA in 1999. With the commissioning of the 2nd VDU in 2002 and secondary processing facilities, the Refinery augmented its capacity to process 6 MMTPA of crude oil. In 2010 the Refinery enhanced its capacity to 7.5 MMTPA with the capacity expansion of CDU-II by 1.5 MMTPA. In 2020, the Refinery capacity was further enhanced to 8.0 MMTPA with capacity augmentation of CDU-I by 0.5 MMTPA.

Additional Secondary Processing Block

Diesel-Hydro De-Sulphurisation & Affiliated Units

This Block was commissioned in September 1999. The unit helps to produce eco-friendly Diesel of Euro III quality for much reduced sulphur dioxide in vehicular emissions minimizing the impact of pollution in the environment.

The Block comprises of Hydrogen Unit (HGU), Diesel-Hydro-De-Sulphurisation Unit(DHDS), Amine Absorption/ Regeneration Unit(AAU/ARU), Sour Water Stripper(SWS) and other utilities. Besides, two numbers of high efficiency Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) ensures minimum sulphur dioxide emission from the process blocks.

Fluidised Catalytic Cracking Unit(FCCU)

The state-of-the-art Fluidised Catalytic Cracking Unit, commissioned in 2003, processes heavier feedstock, including a proportion of residue, and produces value added products and contributes to improve distillate yield from the Refinery.

Motor Spirit Quality Improvement Unit (MSQIU)

The MSQIU was commissioned in July 2005 to comply with the national directive for supplying EURO-III petrol in select cities.

Once through Hydro-Cracker Unit (OHCU)

OHCU comprises Once-through Hydrocracker Unit (OHCU) of 1.7 MMTPA capacity, Hydrogen Generation Unit (HGU) of 75 TMTPA capacity, Sulphur Recovery Units (2 x 80 TPD), Hydrogen Storage Facility, Air compressor, Air Driers, Heat Recovery Steam generation (HRSG), LPG Mounded Bullets, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Tertiary Treatment Plant (TTP) with R.O and mixed bed facilities, and Cooling Towers. New Feed preparation Unit (FPU) of 650 TMTPA is commissioned in April 2017.

Lube Oil Block (LOB)

Lube oil block consisting of Vacuum Distillation Unit (I) of capacity 1.5 MMTPA , Propane De-asphalting Unit of 750 TMTPA, Lube Hydrofinishing Unit of 200 TMTPA, Visbreaking Unit of 492 TMTPA and Catalytic Iso De-waxing Unit of 200 TMTPA.