Haldia Refinery

Haldia Refinery is the 4th refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd located in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, at the confluence of rivers Haldi and Hooghly, 136 km away from Kolkata. The refinery was commissioned in 1975 with an installed capacity of 2.5 million metric tons per annum (MMTPA) in technical collaboration with M/s. TECHNIP-ENSA of France for Fuel sector and M/s. Industrial Export of Romania for Lube sector. The Refinery is spread over an area of about 612 acres.

Fuel Oil Block comprises CDU, NHDT, CRU, and KHDS. The initial processing capacity was increased to 2.75 MMTPA in April 1989 and further enhanced to 3.6 MMTPA through in-house de-bottlenecking. In 1997, the second Crude Distillation Unit was added to increase the refinery capacity to 4.6 MMTPA. With the commissioning of the 2nd VDU and secondary processing facilities, the Refinery became capable of processing 6.0 MMTPA of crude oil. Subsequently, Capacity expansion from 6.0 to 7.5 MMTPA along with the addition of a Once-Through Hydro cracking Unit (1.7 MMTPA), Hydrogen Generation Unit, Sulphur Recovery Units, Revamp of Crude Distillation Unit-CDU-II and related Utilities & Offsite facilities was done in the year 2010. Capacity expansion of the refinery was done from 7.5 to 8.0 MMTPA along with the implementation of a new DCU alongwith and Coker GasOil treater in February 2020.

Lube Oil Block (LOB), comprises VDU-I, Propane De-asphalting (PDA), Catalytic De-waxing Units (I & II) and Extraction unit, Hydro-Finishing Unit (LHFU), Visbreaking Unit (VBU). The Catalytic Iso-Dewaxing Unit - I, commissioned in 2003, is the first of its kind in India to produce superior quality API Group II Lube Oil Base Stocks having lower pour point, very low Sulphur content, and higher Viscosity Index as compared to the conventional API Group-I Lube Base Stocks. Haldia Refinery produces eco-friendly Bitumen emulsion and has recently introduced new products viz. API Gr-III LOBS and Low Sulphur Bunker Fuel (MARPOL) in line with the IMO specifications.

Very recently, Haldia Refinery successfully commissioned Catalytic Iso-Dewaxing Unit-II which is a first-of-its-kind installation in India. This 270 TMTPA CIDW-II constructed with a significant investment of approximately Rs 1019 crores will produce advanced Group III Lubes Oil Base Stock (LOBS) in the country which will lead to import-substitution in the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Newly commissioned Catalytic Iso-Dewaxing Unit-II shall provide flexibility to the refinery by production of superior API Gr-III LOBS products (4 cSt; 6 cSt & 8 cSt) and speciality grade LOBS (like Transformer Oil; Light White Oil; Medium White Oil etc). This special grade LOBS contains less than 10 ppmw Sulphur with a Pour point between minus 15 & minus 18 deg C with excellent low-temperature properties making them ideal for use in automotive formulations. They also possess excellent oxidation characteristics, inherently high Viscosity Index (122-131) & low volatility (6 to 15 % wt) to make them ideal for usage in passenger cars and for heavy-duty diesel vehicles to meet the most stringent specifications of engine oil. API Gr-III products will be used by mainly BS-VI-compliant OEM engine oils for car manufacturers. Haldia Refinery will pioneer the production of API Gr-III LOBS on a larger scale among Indian refineries. The LOBS import dependence will be reduced by around 8%, thereby saving valuable foreign exchange.

Following units were added to meet the fuel specifications:

Major products: Finished products from Haldia Refinery include both fuel oil products and lube oil base stocks.

Mode of Product Dispatch: