Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL)

CPCLChennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) is a world-class energy company with a dominant presence in South India. Formerly known as Madras Refineries Limited (MRL), it was formed as a joint venture between the Government of India (GOI), AMOCO and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) in 1965 to set up a refinery at Manali, Chennai. AMOCO disinvested CPCL equity in favour of the Government of India in 1985. Later, the Government of India transferred its equity to IndianOil, and CPCL became a subsidiary of IndianOil in 2001. The present capacity of the Manali refinery is 10.5 MMTPA. The Nelson Complexity of the refinery is 9.71.

CPCL Manali Refinery is one of the most complex refineries in India, with Fuel, Lube, Wax and Petrochemical feedstocks production facilities. The 5.8 MGD Sea Water Desalination Plant set up to augment the water requirements of the refinery was the first of its kind in the industry. CPCL has also made pioneering efforts in Energy and Water Conservation by setting up a Wind Farm and Sewage Reclamation plant, where 5 MGD of sewage water from Chennai city is processed to meet the raw water requirements of the refinery.

CPCL has a Wax Plant of 30,000 metric tonnes (MT) per annum to produce paraffin wax for manufacturing candle wax, waterproof formulations, and match wax. This unit supports the livelihood of 30,000 beneficiaries, mainly from domestic and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. A Propylene Plant was commissioned in 1988 with an initial capacity of 17000 MT per annum to supply petrochemical feedstock to neighbouring downstream industries. The unit was revamped to enhance the propylene production capacity to 30,000 MT per annum in 2004.

The Company’s main products are LPG, Motor Spirit, Superior Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, High-Speed Diesel, Naphtha, Bitumen, Lube Base Stocks, Paraffin Wax, Fuel Oil, Hexane, and Petroleum Coke. CPCL is also a mother industry supplying Linear Alkyl Benzene Feedstock (LABFS) and many other Petrochemical feedstocks to downstream units. CPCL Manali Refinery is accredited with ISO-9001:2008, ISO- 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

CPCL had a second refinery, located at Nagapattinam, which was commissioned in 1993. This Cauvery Basin Refinery (CBR) was a small well-head refinery processing crudes from nearby ONGC fields, Ravva crude and KG-D6 crude. CBR was decommissioned from 01.04.2019 due to limitations in meeting product specifications with the existing configuration. The construction of a new Refinery complex of 9.0 MMTPA capacity in the existing location, including a Petrochemical facility, has been approved. The acquisition of additional land required is in an advanced stage.

Consultants have been lined up and engineering and tendering / procurement activities are in progress.

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