Paradip Refinery

INDMAX Unit Paradip Refinery is IndianOil's 11th Refinery. It was dedicated in the service of the nation by Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on February 7th, 2016. Envisioned as the Energy Gateway to Eastern India, the 15 MMTPA grassroots refinery has been set up at an estimated cost of Rs. 34,555 crore.

It is the most-modern refinery of the country, with a complexity factor of 10.7 based on Nelson Index. The refinery is configured to process high-sulphur crude oils with major secondary processing units such as Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit (NHT), Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCRU), Diesel Hydro-treatment Unit (DHDT), VGO Hydrotreatment Unit (VGOHDT), INDMAX, Delayed Coking Unit (DCU), Alkylation unit, Merox, etc. Besides, Paradip Refinery is equipped with captive power plant to meet the power and steam requirement of the complex.

Paradip Refinery has adopted the INDMAX technology indigenously developed by IndianOil's R&D Centre can produce 44.15% LPG, the highest yield from such plants. The commissioning of INDMAX Unit at Paradip, with design capacity of 4.17 Million Metric Tonnes per annum, marked a major milestone in the history of Indian refining and catapulted IndianOil into the global league of technology licensors.

The other unique technological features of Paradip Refinery include Flue Gas Desulphurisation facilities, Vapour Recovery System from South Oil Jetty and an Alkylation Process to produce octane-rich low-benzene MS blend component, etc.

Paradip Refinery

The refinery can process 100% high sulphur crude oil to produce various petroleum products such as LPG, Propylene, BS-IV compliant Petrol and Diesel, Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Sulphur and Petroleum Coke.

The products from the Refinery meets the energy demands of the domestic market and partly exported.

Paradip Refinery Paradip Refinery is spread over a total area of 3,345 acres, including about 300 acres for Refinery Township and about 100 acres of land for building two approach roads to connect the refinery site with the existing road network. About 7 acres of land has been acquired at Cuttack for setting-up the raw-water intake facility.

The refinery is equipped with 11 crude oil tanks to store high-sulphur crude, with 61 petroleum product & intermediate tanks (including for liquid sulphur storage tanks). Apart from these liquid storage facilities, there are mounded bullets for storage of LPG, Propylene, Hydrogen and Alkylation feed.

An elaborate infrastructure is in place for pumping crude oil to the Paradip Refinery and for smooth, safe and efficient movement of the finished products. This includes a crude oil unloading facility at Paradip offshore with the first Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility on the east coast of India; a complex cross-country product pipeline network; a marketing terminal with truck loading bays and tank-wagon gantry; and an LPG terminal with facilities for road dispatch. But the biggest product dispatch infrastructure of Paradip Refinery is the captive South Oil Jetty, the first-of-its-kind in India made for a Greenfield coastal refinery. The petroleum products from Paradip Refinery are dispatched through Product Pipelines (~52%), road transport (~13%) & coastal movement (~35%).

With an aim to create value chain, Paradip Refinery ventured into Petrochemical segment with inclusion of 680 KTA capacity Polypropylene (PP) Plant with an investment of Rs. 3150 Crore The feedstock for PP unit is recovered Propylene from cracked LPG which is generated from FCC - INDMAX unit. The product find wide use in making furniture, Injection Moulding Products.

Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) plant is being set up at Paradip Refinery at an estimated cost of Rs. 4787 crore and the anticipated completion is in Oct' 2021. Ethylene Glycol is extensively used in the manufacture of items like polyester fibre, textiles.

The above PP and MEG plant products shall be building blocks for envisaged Plastic & Textile Park respectively in Odisha.

For production of BS-VI quality complaint fuels (Petrol and Diesel), BS-VI projects are in progress with an investment of Rs. 3361 Crore.