Petroleum Product Pipelines

Guwahati-Siliguri Pipeline (GSPL)

Product pipelines Guwahati-Siliguri Pipeline was commissioned in the year 1964. Designed by Bachtel, USA and constructed by Snam Progetti, Italy, it has the unique distinction of being the first product pipeline to be built on the east of Suez. The 435 km long pipeline originates at Guwahati Refinery and runs through Bongaigaon refinery, transports petroleum products for delivery at Betkuchi, and Siliguri.

Koyali - Ahmedabad Pipeline (KAPL)

The 79 km long Koyali-Ahmedabad Pipeline was commissioned in 1966. Designed and constructed by Snam Saipem, Italy, the pipeline carries a variety of petroleum products from IndianOil's Koyali Refinery to the Navagam terminal (Ahmedabad) within the state of Gujarat.

Haldia-Barauni Pipeline (HBPL)

Commissioned in 1967, the 526 km long Haldia - Barauni Pipeline originates at Haldia in West Bengal and terminates at Barauni in Bihar. This pipeline exemplifies IndianOil's expertise in system modification and pipeline hydraulic engineering. The pipeline was commissioned as a petroleum product pipeline but for some initial years, the pipeline was used to transport imported crude oil to Barauni. After some years, the pipeline started pumping petroleum products from Barauni Refinery to Haldia. After Haldia Refinery came into being, pumping was again reversed and at present, the pipeline is engaged in transportation of indigenous as well as imported petroleum products from Haldia Refinery and coastal input.

Barauni - Kanpur Pipeline (BKPL)

The 1227 km long Barauni - Kanpur Pipeline was commissioned in 1966. It transports petroleum products from Barauni Refinery, Haldia Refinery and Coastal input at Haldia. A branch pipeline was taken out from Gawria to Amousi in Lucknow. It has a parallel line between Barauni and Patna. Another branch pipeline is originating from Patna for products delivery to Baitalpur in Uttar Pradesh and Amlekhganj in Nepal. Motihari - Amlekhgunj Section of BKPL, commissioned in 2019, is the first trans-national pipeline, 36 km section of the pipeline is inside Nepal.

Haldia-Mourigram-Rajbandh Pipeline (HMRPL)

The 277 km long Haldia-Mourigram-Rajbandh Pipeline was built in early 1972 for transportation of petroleum products from IndianOil's Haldia Refinery to Mourigram (Howrah) and Rajbandh (Burdhman) in West Bengal.

Mathura-Delhi Pipeline (MDPL)

The Mathura-Delhi Pipeline was earlier a section of Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline commissioned in 1984. It was designed by IndianOil with in-house construction supervision. The 147 km long pipeline transports petroleum products from Mathura Refinery to Bijwasan in Delhi.

Panipat-Ambala-Jalandhar Pipeline (PAJPL)

The pipeline which was earlier part of Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline was connected to Panipat Refinery in 1997, enabling transport of petroleum products from Panipat Refinery. The pipeline is 495 km long and has a branch line from Kurukshetra to Najibabad via Roorkee in Uttar Pradesh and another branch line from Jhugian in Punjab to Una in Himachal Pradesh.

Panipat-Delhi Pipeline (PDPL)

Petroleum products from Panipat refinery are transported through this pipeline, which was earlier a section of Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline. The pipeline is 189 Km long and has a branch line from Sonepat to Meerut. This pipeline pumps products of Mathura Refinery in forward direction from Bijwasan towards Tikrikalan, Meerut and Panipat as well as products of Panipat Refinery in reverse direction towards Meerut, Tikrikalan and Bijwasan.

Mathura-Tundla Pipeline (MTPL)

A 56 km long pipeline transporting products from Mathura Refinery to Tundla (Agra) Terminal was commissioned in 2003.

Panipat-Bhatinda Pipeline (PBPL)

Panipat-Bhatinda Pipeline was part of erstwhile Kandla-Batindha Pipeline. Petroleum products from Panipat refinery are transported through this 219 km long pipeline to Sangrur and Bhatinda the pipeline was commissioned in 1996.

Panipat Rewari Pipeline (PRPL)

The 155 km long pipeline transports products from Panipat Refinery to Rewari Terminal was commissioned in 2004.

Panipat-Jalandhar LPG Pipeline (PJPL)

The 274 km long pipeline from Kohand (Panipat), traversing through Nabha and terminating at Jalandhar, and has hook up of facilities with existing bottling plants at Kohand, Nabha and Jalandhar. This IndianOil's first LPG Pipeline was commissioned in 2008.

Koyali- Sanganer Pipeline (KSPL)

The 1664 km long Koyali-Sanganer Pipeline has sections of Koyali-Navagam-Viramgam, Viramgam-Sidhpur, Sidhpur-Mohanpura and Mohanpura-Panipat. The pipeline also has branch lines from Kot to Salawas, Viramgam to Kandla and Lasariya to Chittaurgarh. In addition, a pumping facility has been created at Kandla to pump coastal products to meet the demand in Rajasthan. Mohanpura (Jaipur)-Panipat Naphtha pipeline was commissioned in 2019 to transport Naphtha from Koyali Refinery in Gujarat through KSPL and then onwards delivery to Panipat to meet the demand of Panipat Naphtha Cracker in Haryana.

Koyali - Dahej Product Pipeline (KDPL)

The 197 km long product pipeline from Koyali Refinery to Dahej terminal of Gujarat Chemical Port Terminal Company Limited (GCPTCL) was commissioned in 2007. It has a branch line from Amod to Hazira (Surat).

Chennai - Trichy - Madurai Product Pipeline (CTMPL)

Chennai-Trichy-Madurai Product Pipeline consists of a 683 km long pipeline from Chennai to Madurai and branch pipeline to Sankari. The Pipeline was commissioned in 2005. The pipeline transports products of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), a subsidiary of IndianOil, to Trichy, Madurai and Sankari.

Chennai ATF Pipeline

The 95 km long ATF pipeline from CPCL, Manali to Chennai AFS was commissioned in 2008.

Koyali-Ratlam Product Pipeline (KRPL)

The 265 km long product pipeline from Koyali Refinery to Ratlam Marketing Terminal was commissioned in 2009.

Chennai-Bangalore Pipeline (CBPL)

The 290 km long petroleum product pipeline from Chennai to Bengaluru was commissioned in 2010 to position the petroleum products from CPCL, Manali Refinery to Chittoor and Bengaluru.

Panipat-Bijwasan ATF Pipeline (PBAPL)

The 111 km long pipeline transports aviation fuel from Panipat Refinery to Bijwasan in Delhi to meet ATF requirements of National Capital of India. The pipeline was commissioned in 2010 to transport Naphtha from Mathura Refinery to Panipat Refinery. At Present, Naphtha is transported through Mathura-Delhi and Panipat-Delhi Pipeline.

Mathura-Bharatpur spur Pipeline (MBPL)

The 21 km long product pipeline from Mathura refinery to Bharatpur was commissioned in 2010.

Paradip-Raipur-Ranchi Pipeline (PRRPL)

The 1073 km long Pipeline has sections of Paradip-Jatni, Jatni-Sambalpur and Sambalpur-Saraipali-Raipur. The pipeline also has branch lines from Sambalpur to Ranchi via Jharsuguda and from Saraipali to Korba. Paradip-Jatni section was commissioned in 2016 and the rest of the sections were commissioned in 2017.

Paradip-Haldia-Durgapur LPG Pipeline (PHDPL)

Paradip-Haldia-Durgapur LPG Pipeline is IndianOil's second LPG Pipeline of 873 Km long. The Pipeline transports LPG from Paradip Refinery, Haldia Refinery and IPPL Haldia to bottling plants at Balasore, Kalyani, Budge Budge and Durgapur. Pipeline has been recently extended up-to Banka Bottling Plant in 2020.

Devanagonthi-Devanahalli Pipeline (DDPL)

The 36 km long pipeline commissioned in 2008 transports aviation fuel from Devanagonthi in Bengaluru to Aviation Fuel Station at the airport in Devanahalli. Aviation fuel of IndianOil and other public sector oil companies is transported through this pipeline.

Kolkata ATF Pipeline

The 27 km long pipeline commissioned in 2018 transports aviation fuel from Mourigram to Aviation Fuel Station at the airport in Kolkata. Aviation fuel is received at Mourigram through Haldia-Mourigram-Rajbandh Pipeline.