Special Products

Special Products

Other than the regular petroleum products like light distillates, middle distillates, heavier products like Furnace Oil, Bitumen, etc., IndianOil refineries also manufacture petroleum products for specific applications. These specific applications could be feed stock for chemical industry, raw material for specific industries and solid fuels. The petroleum products, produced for specific applications are called, 'Petrochemicals and Specialties (P&S) Products'.

Every petroleum refinery is not designed to produce P&S products but IndianOil's refineries have been planned to make a large portfolio of P&S products. The indicative list of products from IndianOil's various refineries is as follows:

Refinery P&S Products
Barauni Carbon Black Feedstock (CBFS), Raw Petroleum Coke (RPC), Sulphur
Digboi Paraffin Wax
Guwahati Raw Petroleum Coke (RPC)
Haldia CBFS, Jute Batching Oil (JBO), Micro Crystalline Wax (MCW), Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO), Sulphur
Koyali LABFS, Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO), Sulphur, Toluene
Mathura Propylene, Sulphur
Panipat Benzene, Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO), Petcoke, Sulphur

Basic end uses:

Benzene:  Chemical industry

CBFS:  Carbon black manufacturers

JBO:   Jute industry

LABFS:  LAB manufacturers

Micro Crystalline Wax (MCW): Pharmaceutical industry

MTO:  Paint industry

Paraffin wax: Candle manufacturers

Petcoke:  Cement industry

Propylene: Chemical industry

RPC:   CPC manufacturers

Sulphur:  Sulphuric Acid manufacturers and sugar industry

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