Automotive Greases

SERVO Grease C

SERVO Grease C is a calcium-base grease with extreme pressure properties. It resists water washout. It is recommended for general chassis lubrication including suspension and steering systems. It is also suitable for certain open and semi enclosed gears as well as chain drives of farm equipment. It is not recommended for high temperature applications due to its moderate drop point.


SERVO Grease WB is a sodium base grease which gives excellent performance even when subjected to extremely heavy shear. This grease maintains its structural stability over long service and withstands excessive churning effectively.It is recommended for wheel bearings and various other automotive grease applications which are not exposed to moisture. It meets IS:10647:1983


SERVO Grease MP is a premium quality lithium base grease having a high drop point and good thermal and structural stability. It has high degree of resistance to oxidation and provides protection against rusting and corrosion. It is an excellent multipurpose grease suitable for all automotive grease applications. It meets IS:12203:1987

SERVO Grease Molex

SERVO Grease Molex is a multipurpose lithium base grease, compounded with finely dispersed MoS2, which is a very effective solid lubricant with extremely good anti-scuffing characteristics. It provides protection to moving parts under very severe shock load conditions, resists water washout and gives long service life. It is recommended for chassis fittings, wheel bearings, grease cups, grease lubricated universal joints and other lubrication points in passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm tractors, mobile construction as well as earth moving machinery. It is also suitable for industrial applications where lithium based grease with molybdenum is required. It meets IS:12203:1987


SERVO Grease CVJ is a lithium base grease containing specialized extreme pressure additives. The product has excellent roll stability, shear stability, resistance to water washout and excellent anti-frictional properties. SERVO Grease CVJ has been specifically developed for Constant Velocity Joints and provides Superior wear protection to the various parts of the joint such as the axis pin, ball hub, balls and ball casing.

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