Barauni Refinery

Barauni Refinery was dedicated to the nation in 1965. Established in 1964, it is on the Northern banks of the holy Ganges, at Barauni, on the periphery of the district town Begusarai, Bihar. Situated 125 km from Patna, it is also the point where two important railways meet – the Eastern Railways and North Eastern Railways. It was built in collaboration with the Soviet Union with limited participation from Romania, at a cost of ~Rs 49.4 Crore, and went on stream in 1964.

The Refinery has gone a long way over the years, starting from a crude processing capacity of 1.0 MMTPA (AVU-I) of sweet crude from Assam oil fields. It has steadily expanded its capacity to 3.0 MMTPA with AVU-II and AU-III. Further, with the revamp of AVU-I & II in 1985 & 1998-99 followed by AU-III revamp in 2000, crude processing capability was increased to the current level of 6.0 MMTPA. In 2002, the processing of high sulphur crudes through Barauni Expansion Project (BXP) was implemented. Residue Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Unit (RFCCU), Diesel Hydro Treating Unit (DHDT), Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU), Amine Re-generation Unit (ARU), and Hydrogen Generation Unit (HGU) are some of the major units.

Further following units were added to meet the fuel specifications.

Upcoming Projects:Barauni Refinery expansion from 6 to 9 MMTPA is an approved project and is currently under implementation. It includes the expansion of distillation capacity, secondary units along with petrochemical units.

Major products:LPG, Naphtha, Motor Spirit, Superior Kerosene Oil, Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), High-Speed Diesel, Carbon Black Feed Stock, Furnace Oil, Low Sulphur Heavy Stock, Raw Petroleum Coke, Bitumen, Sulphur.

Mode of Product Dispatch: