Agricultural Spray Oils

SERVO Orchard Spray Oil

This Oil is blended from high quality base stock specially for protection of apple trees from San Jose scale. The oil is sprayed in the form of oil-in-water emulsion on apple orchards during the months of December / January when the ambient temperature is around 3 to 40C. The emulsion dissolves the waxy protective shield of the insect and the oil film envelops it thereby killing the insect by cutting off its air supply. It can be used for protection of eucalyptus, cinchona etc. The oil does not have any toxic influence and is approved by Fruit Research Station, Shalimar.

SERVO Rubber Spray Oil

This Oil is a low viscosity product developed for use in rubber plantations. This oil has an excellent solvency power with copper oxychloride for spray on rubber plantations to combat the severe attack of fungus PHYTOPHTHORA which leads to abnormal leaf fall affecting the vitality of the trees and resulting in loss of latex yield. The mixture of oil and copper oxychloride is applied either by mini micron sprayers or aerial spraying. The spreading characteristics of the oil enable the copper particles to readily and uniformly distribute on the leaf surfaces and leaf stalks and at the same time not permitting copper to be easily washed out. It is approved by Rubber Research Institute of India, Kottayam.

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