Brand Mascot

IndianOil unveils its brand mascot – IndianOil Rhino



IndianOil launched its official brand mascot, 'IndianOil Rhino' on 1st September 2021 during the 62nd IndianOil Day celebrations.

As the 'Energy of India' charges ahead full throttle towards a brighter tomorrow, an imminent need was felt to reinvent and revitalize IndianOil's brand appeal and reach out to customers in every nook and corner with a renewed promise of excellence. IndianOil has been prioritizing the core value of 'Care' in every action, and through the choice of mascot, the Corporation has committed itself to espouse the cause of the Great Indian Rhino and create awareness about this majestic dweller of Indian forests.


The mascot was launched officially by Mr. S M Vaidya, Chairman, IndianOil. "The Great Indian Single Horned Rhino is an exquisite combination of strength, power and agility. More importantly, its identity is rooted in its Indianness, making it the perfect storyteller for the brand IndianOil. This Rhino is also a critical cog in the ecology to which it belongs, and its continued well-being is crucial for the sustenance of the ecological chain."

The affable IndianOil Rhino shall now be an integral part of IndianOil's brand communication strategy and add vibrance to all the customer-centric messages. The mascot aspires to forge a strong emotional connection with the valued IndianOil customers. Building on IndianOil's brand positioning as 'Truly Indian', the IndianOil Rhino – the brand mascot of IndianOil - shall not only help the organization build a lifelong bond with the billion-plus Indians but also herald a new era of customer excellence for IndianOil.

IndianOil welcomes the IndianOil Rhino into its family.