General Equipment And Machinery Greases

servogem 2/3/Ep Greases

servogem 2 and 3 lithium soap multipurpose greases. These greases have excellent water resistance properties, high oxidation stability, and maximum structural stability with superior anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. These greases resist water washout and enjoy all round acceptance for both anti-friction and plain bearing lubrication. This meets the British Timken ALG 1/57, IS: 7623-1993, IPSS: 1-09-006 specifications and US Steel 374 requirements. These greases are widely used in steel plants, heavy engineering units, textile mills, petrochemical and chemical units.

servogem EP greases are lithium-base greases having extreme pressure properties. These possess excellent shear stability, high load carrying capacity, high oxidation stability and anti-rust/anti-corrosion properties. These greases prevent welding and seizure of moving parts often caused by shock loading and resist water washout. These greases meet IPSS:1-09-005 specification and are recommended for both plain and anti-friction bearing in a wide variety of application such as automotive, earth moving equipment and general industrial machinery.

servogem Ht/ Htxx

servogem HT and HTXX are non-soap based smooth structure greases having excellent ability to withstand high temperature and severe shock load conditions. These have excellent resistance to water washout and do not get affected by mild acids and alkalies. servogem HTXX contains MoS2 and has high load bearing ability. These greases meet US Steel 372, IPSS: 1-09-008 specifications and are recommended for the lubrication of machine elements, plain bearings and anti-friction bearings operating at high temperatures (120 °C - 250 °C). These greases meet IS: 12790-1989.

Complex Greases

servorex L0/ L1/ L2

servorex greases are calcium-lead base, short fibrous structure greases with appropriate EP and anti-rust properties. These greases are recommended for both anti-friction and plain bearings operating at medium speed under heavy and severe shock loads. Due to their excellent water repellent characteristics, these greases are successfully used for bearing lubrication of steel mills, cane crushers and mill rolls of sugar factories. These greases are used by various steel plants in centralised grease lubrication systems and are also recommended for grease lubricated gear couplings.

servoplex Lc/ Lc1/ Lc2/ Lc3

servoplex LC is unique lithium complex greases manufactured from highly refined, high viscosity index base oils. These greases have high water tolerance and mechanical stability, combined with excellent high temperature performance. These are ideally suited for application by centralised grease systems due to good resistance to oil separation under pressure and mechanical stability. These are widely in use in steel plants, Mining and Engineering Industries.

servogem Super Ht

It is smooth, homogenous high temperature grease, brown in colour. It is suitable for lubrication over a wide temperature range of (-) 100C to 1800C and has excellent pumpability characteristics, making it especially suitable for centralised lubrication systems of large industrial units. It is recommended for wide range of industrial applications where high temperatures are encountered. It is an ideal choice for steel plant applications such as continuous casters, couplings, oscillators, run out rolls, blowers and suitable for Mining industries for such applications as rock crushers, conveyor, drilling machinery, etc. It is having excellent resistance to structural changes over a wide temperature range & water washout action. Due to its excellent flow properties it is most suitable grease for centralised lubrication systems.

servoplex 2/ 3

These greases are premium quality lithium complex soap base grease with very high structural and oxidation stability. Due to higher mechanical stability, in high temperature applications, they provide excellent performance in antifriction bearings. These greases provide much longer life compared to sodium or lithium soap base greases. These greases have excellent resistance to water wash-out and possess antirust and anticorrosion properties. These are recommended for wheel bearings, earth moving equipment, gear couplings, electric motors and industrial machinery. These greases pass Emcor antirust test for zero rating and possess very high Weld Load characteristics. They meet NLGI GC/LB specification.

Chain Grease

SERVO Chain Compound

SERVO Chain Compound is a highly specialised compound. This product is recommended for the lubrication of chains and is applied by dipping the chain in the molten compound so that it penetrates well in-between the narrow clearances of the pin-bush and bush rollers. It provides resistance to formation of tight links, thereby reducing wear and elongation of chains and also protects the sprocket and transmission components against rust, corrosion and wear.

Graphited Grease

servogrease Graphited 5081/ 5082/ 5083

These are calcium base greases containing graphite as filler. These greases are used for general lubrication under comparatively high load and low relative displacement of interacting surfaces. These greases meet IS: 508-1987specifications for Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 respectively. These greases are recommended for leaf springs, hydraulic rams, plungers, slides, elevator cables, pantograph pans, as protective for steel wire ropes and certain anti-seize purposes.

Cement Plant Greases

servogrease Cg 10

servogrease CG 10 is a sprayable adhesive lubricant with high quality colloidal graphite. This grease has been developed for very severe lubrication conditions encountered in very slow speed, large open gear drives. The lubrication films adhere strongly to the gear surface and are unaffected by temperature changes. It is recommended for lubrication of open gear drives of rotary kilns, cement mills, sintering plants, ball mills etc. It passes FZG 12th stage. It possess high weld load of 650 Kg.

servogrease Rn

servogrease RN is an excellent open gear running-in compound containing specially selected additives. The grease is recommended for running-in and for filling tooth flanks of large open gear drives of rotary kilns, cement mills, sintering plants, ball mills, etc. It possesses high weld load of 800 Kg and passes FZG 12th stage.

Industrial Greases

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