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SERVO The lubes and greases market is a complex amalgam of commercial and passenger vehicles, 2 and 3 wheelers, agricultural equipments, stationary engines, marine and industries that range from steel, cement, power, mining, railroads, textiles, automobiles and glass. In this market of opportunities, it is a heated race between brands to capture the imagination of the stakeholders. But with one of Asia’s finest research and development facilities supporting SERVO is the brand to look out for. With a turnover of nearly Rs.8000 crores, it is India’s biggest lubricant brand and enjoys a market share of more than 27% in the finished lubes segment. SERVO has more than 5200 formulations and 1600 grades of lubricants available in more than 1700 active SKUs that markets in the country.


The oil & lubes business is one of the many industries that benefited with the opening of the Indian economy. The market witnessed resurgence as restrictions lifted on the import of base oils, additives and finished lubricants.

The size of the Indian lubricant market is estimated to be around Rs. 35000 crores with an approximate volume of 3.0 million metric tonnes (MMT) of Lubes (1.65 MMT of Finished Lubes). The cumulative average growth rate (CAGR) over the past five years has been pegged at 1.5%. While this growth may appear to be modest compared to other categories, it’s more to do with the improved performance of oils and lubes.

With the automobile sector displaying encouraging growth, the lubricant market, too is buoyant. However increased competition and a volatile international market have strained the margins.

Automotive lubricants constitute 65% of the total finished lube market (Source: internal data). Of this, the commercial vehicle segment accounts for half of the volume while the passenger car segment – the image builder for lubricant brands – constitutes a mere 7%. The two-wheeler segment, witnessing explosive growth, constitutes about 25%. Agriculture equipments, stationary engines and other miscellaneous applications account for the balance 18% of the market.


Both, by way of volumes as well as value, SERVO is India’s single largest oils & lubes brand. Over the years, it has established its authority and, on the strength of its proven quality, has built exceptional relationships with automobiles and speciality engine manufacturers. With recommendations from leading companies such as Maruti, Hyundai, TATA, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Force Motors, Endurance TAFE, Swaraj Tractor, Eicher Tractors, International Tractors Limited, Dalian Locomotives, Gabriel, Volvo-Eicher (VECV), Timken, Renault-Nissan, Volkswagen, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porche, Ducati, Audi, Seat, VST Tillers, Honda (2W) etc., it is the brand of choice and an original equipment supplier to most of them.

In the field of industrial lubricants too, SERVO is the undisputed leader. It offers a wide range of lubricants for use in all core industries such as the Railways, Defense Services, state transport undertakings, power, coal and mining, automobile, steel and cement amongst others. With recommendations from leading companies such as Flender, Elecon, Hansen, Danieli, FLS Smith, KHD Humboldt, Walchand, BEML, Hithachi, RDSO, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Cincinnati, Parker, Demison, MHPS, BHEL, Buchard Clark (UEC Lab), SERVO has a very strong presence in Indian Lube market.

SERVO enjoys a commanding position in Hot and Cold Rolling Oils sector for steel mills. The oils are well accepted by customers like JSW, SAIL, JSL. IndianOil has also developed NTM oil indigenously for the Wire Rod Mill.

In the marine oils segment, SERVO has the distinction of being the only Indian lubricant brand to receive approvals for its oils from marine engine builders like MAN B&W and Wartsila-Sulzer. SERVO Cylinder Oils also have approval from MAN ES. SERVO lubricants are well placed to meet the MARPOL 2020 compliances.

Having achieved distinction in India, SERVO has also made inroads into the highly competitive global markets. Today, it has established its footprint in more than 30 global destinations. It has successfully captured significant market shares in Bangladesh and Nepal and with IndianOil’s fully owned subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Mauritius and the Middle East, is seen as a growing brand in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and African countries.


SERVO was launched by IndianOil, India’s flagship petroleum refining and marketing company, in 1972. In the same year IndianOil set up its own R&D at Faridabad and this marked the birth of SERVO, a genuinely Indian brand of lubricant, with a formulation crafted to IndianOil’s own specifications.

SERVO went into expansion mode by developing extensive marketing infrastructure to reach the product to every nook and corner of the country.

By 1974, IndianOil Blending grew into the largest company of its kind in India notching up more than 260 lubricant formulations.

The IndianOil R&D center is a world-class facility that has to its credit several significant breakthroughs. Today, the brand is marketed through IndianOil’s nationwide retail outlets, now numbering over 34,559 Retail outlets KSKs, Concurrent to these developments is the vast supply channel that has been put in place. The network comprises ten ISO-certified lubricant blending plants, a grease manufacturing unit and several small can-filling stations spread across the country.

Since the operation was massive, a dedicated distributor set up was put in place to cater to the requirements of the retail outlets and sales points nearing over 1 lakh.


Although grease and oil may appear to be generic products – with certain limited properties and applications – the reality is vastly different. The universe of these applications is so huge and diverse that SERVO alone has over 5300 formulations with about 1600 grades of lubricants being marketed in the country. In fact, this massive range of world-class lubricants makes SERVO the ideal choice for use in any industry.

For decades SERVO has been in the forefront of introducing technologically advanced products. The SERVO RR 606 MG plus II and synthetic greases, specially formulated for the Indian Railways are a case in point. The lubricating oils and greases supplied by SERVO have minimized the operating costs for Railways.

Similarly, many energy-efficient spindle and gear lubricants, bio-degradable lubricants, long drain diesel engine oils, fuel efficient hydraulic oils, hot rolling oils and a series of synthetic-based lubricants are some recent innovations. Another spin-off of brand SERVO, the SERVO Agro Spray oil is non-toxic, bio-degradable, residue-free, non-pesticide and a viable alternative for farmers riddled with problems emanating from the side effects of toxic chemical pesticides being used presently.

SERVO’s vast portfolio of lubricants caters to the needs of the automotive, industrial, marine and specialties segments. The automotive oils include 2T/4T oils, gasoline and diesel engine oils, gear and transmission oils, specialized rail road oils, tractor oils, coolants, brake fluids, automotive greases etc. Many of these oils enjoy the approval of major original equipment manufacturers.

SERVO’s industrial oils consist of nearly 1040 grades of lubricants and greases covering hydraulic, turbine and compressor systems, industrial gears and textile spindles. It has a formidable range of over 160 grades of synthetic oils and 270 grades of speciality oils for specialized applications, including cutting fluids, quenching oils, heat transfer fluids, rust preventives and rubber process oils.

Recent Developments


This novel development has the potential to disrupt the entire grease industry and garner additional volume for IOCL. This India centric grease is sustainable solution with end consumer also reaping the benefits. Patented SERVO GREASE MIRACLE series suits well for regular automotive (PCMO & CV), Heavy Earth Moving Machineries application (HEMM) and industrial applications. They are available in NLGI Grade 1,2 and 3. The grease exhibit superior EP and anti-wear protection, high water resistance, superior flow properties & has wide temperature operability.


This is a fully synthetic engine oil with advanced additives to give high-end bikes the enhanced power and acceleration for extreme operating conditions while maintain durable clutch friction for smooth shifting. The oil meets the highest standards of API Performance Level i.e., API SP, meets JASO MA2 requirements and gives extended oil drain interval of 10000 Kms. This is well suited for latest bikes meeting BS VI 2.0 (OBD) regulations as well as mid-to-high end bikes.


SERVO Blackbird X is the new age most advanced fully synthetic engine oil suitable for any petrol or diesel engine in modern passenger cars & SUVs be it MPFi, TGDi, GDi, CRDi and latest generation hybrid vehicles. The oil meets highest level of API performance level i.e., API SP & ACEC C3-2021 standards and offers extended drain interval of 15000 Kms. This is well suited for latest passenger cars meeting BS VI 2.0 (OBD) regulations.


Promotions are an important way of keeping SERVO on the top-of-mind. The brand undertakes several initiatives such as associating with popular sports like cricket, hockey, football, tennis and badminton. Its campaigns, always prominently positioned in stadiums, have proved to be effective messengers.

As a part of ATL promotions, SERVO is a prime advertiser on television, radio, press and effectively uses modern media such as the Internet. Each effort is designed to drive home the efficient use of lubricants and the ways to maximize engine performance.

Yet another way of keeping in touch with its audience is to engage with them at the ground level. Towards this end, SERVO is being promoted at select IndianOil retail outlets with well-designed display racks, a quick lube oil change machine and dedicated SERVO boys.

Brand Values

For more than 40 years, SERVO has proved to be the perfect partner for high-speed engines generating massive heat and friction. It has worked industriously to earn the trust of man and the respect of machine.

Things you should know about SERVO

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