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Automotive gasoline and gasoline-oxygenate blends are used in internal combustion spark-ignition engines. These spark ignition engine fuels are primarily used for passenger cars. They are also used in off-highway utility vans, farm machinery and in other spark ignition engines employed in a variety of service applications.

Gasoline is a complex mixture of relatively volatile hydrocarbons that vary widely in chemical & physical properties and are derived from fractional distillation of crude petroleum with a further treatment mainly in terms of improvement of its octane rating. The hundreds of individual hydrocarbons in gasoline range from c4 to c11.

An oxygenate is an oxygen-containing, ashless organic compound (such as alcohol or ether) which can be used as a fuel or fuel supplement. Motor gasoline is sold at retail outlets, where it is directly delivered into the automobile tank. The Indian Standard governing the properties of motor gasoline & gasoline-oxygenate blends are IS:2796:2017, IS 17586:2021 & IS 17021:2018

In view of the auto fuel policy issued by Govt of India, more & more stringent specifications (equivalent to Euro VI / BS VI) are being made applicable for the gasolines being marketed in India. This has led to reduction of environmentally polluting factors in gasolines.

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IndianOil unveiled a new era of fuel technology with a launch of XP95 in February 2021, marking a significant milestone as the first to bring 95 octane number fuel to the customers. XP95 has a higher-octane number of 95 than that of normal petrol, which has an octane number of 91, and has additives to mitigate carbon deposits within vehicle engine. Currently XP95 is available at 10,000+ retail outlets of IndianOil.

Using a XP95 offers the following benefits to consumers: -

IndianOil set another milestone with the launch of XP100 on December 01, 2020, making IOCL the first to bring a 100-octane fuel to the Indian market.

XP100 is produced using OCTAMAX technology, an indigenously developed technology by IndianOil R&D center.

XP100 is best suited high-performance cars, as the superior antiknock properties improves:

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