XP95- The All New 95 Octane Gasoline

IndianOil, keeping its promise of catering to the ever-evolving energy demands of the country, launched XP95, India’s first 95 Octane petrol –– on May 1 2021, XP95 has been indigenously developed by IndianOil’s R&D team and has been accredited by the third parties.

Depending on the vehicle model, XP95 gives an additional 3.95% fuel economy, reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 44%, hydrocarbon emissions by up to 13%, increases power by 4%, and ability to accelerate by 20.15%. Additionally, XP95 keeps engines clean and makes them more corrosion resistant.

While the current market offering for branded gasoline comes with 91RON, XP95 imbues 95RON within it. The higher octane lowers down the knocking tendency of the fuel, which in turn increases thermal efficiency & superior clean combustion of fuel. XP95 is fast emerging as a popular fuel choice for the Indians on the move. The popularity of XP95 is a testimony to IndianOil’s commitment to providing best-in-class service to its customers.