IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd

IOMLIndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd (IOML), a wholly owned subsidiary company of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, is the third largest petroleum company in Mauritius. Registered on 24th Oct 2001 and commencing marketing operations in January 2004, IOML holds an overall market share of 24% and competes with other multinational companies present in Mauritius for over five decades. IndianOil’s presence in Mauritius is of strategic importance to penetrate and explore marketing opportunities in the African countries and nearby islands.

IOML has a range of products - automotive fuels, aviation fuel, marine fuels, and SERVO Lubricants. A comprehensive retail network has been established in Mauritius with the commissioning of several modern filling stations. It operates a modern petroleum bulk storage terminal at the Mer Rouge port, besides 17 filling stations. There is considerable expansion of retail network ongoing in Mauritius. IndianOil’s world-class SERVO lubricants are available in Mauritius through a widespread network of filling Stations, spare parts shops and supermarkets. Distributors cover the supply to the unorganised sector, i.e. workshops, garages and service stations, etc., in the island nation. SERVO enjoys patronage in many African countries too.

IOCL_mauritiusIOML has a significant presence in the marine bunker business in Mauritius. It is in the process of enhancing its infrastructure at Port quays to meet the future growth needs of this bunkering port. IOML commands the dominant share of 42%, in the Aviation Fuel business and supplies jet fuel to many renowned airlines. It also has 25% equity in the new petroleum terminal at the Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam International Airport, created by a consortium at an investment of USD 16 million. With a major presence in the industrial and commercial market sectors, IOML provides bulk petroleum products to various sectors such as the transport, industry, building and construction, manufacturing, textiles, steel, hospitality, etc.

IOML has set up a modern state-of-the-art 24,000 metric tonnes storage facility at Mer Rouge in Port Louis by means of eight tanks of various capacities for different products. This terminal has some of the most modern facilities for handling and delivery of the petroleum products including loading bays and tank gauging systems, which are all micro-processor controlled. It is also the first of its kind in Mauritius.

A comprehensive petroleum laboratory for testing all fuels and lubricants has also been set up. The ISO 9001-2000 accredited laboratory is the first full-fledged petroleum products testing laboratory in Mauritius.

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