Pipeline Consultancy

PJPL In India’s infrastructure, the petroleum pipelines form a crucial part enabling sustained availability of petroleum products in all parts of the country for economic growth. The pipelines transport petroleum products from refineries to demand areas and crude oil from import terminals as well as domestic sources to the inland refineries. India being a vast country, a wide network of pipelines becomes the paramount requirement of transporting petroleum products to interiors from refineries and crude oil to the land locked refineries.

It is an established fact that pipelines are preferred as a cost effective, energy efficient, safe and environment friendly method of transportation for petroleum products and crude oil and are playing a leading role in meeting the demand for petroleum products in India. Economic growth and expansion of infrastructure in India offer opportunities to better utilize the existing pipeline network in addition to expand by constructing new pipelines.

pipeline_crudeoil IndianOil, the pioneer in cross-country petroleum product pipeline in the Indian sub-continent constructed and commissioned its first petroleum product pipeline, Guwahati-Siliguri Pipeline in the year 1964. Since then IndianOil has mastered the art and technology of pipeline engineering. Over the last four decades the pipeline network of IndianOil has grown over 14,600 km.

IndianOil’s sustained pursuit and implementation of proven safety and environmental management systems have brought rich results. All operating pipeline units have been accredited with ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Various initiatives in the field of project management, operations and maintenance including training in countries like Oman, Ethiopia, Kuwait and Sudan have been undertaken.

Today IndianOil is well placed to provide seamless services in the entire spectrum of petroleum pipelines covering techno-economic feasibility studies, design and detailed engineering, project execution, operations and maintenance, consultancy services in augmentation and modernization, etc.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and application software expertise are available from project implementation to commissioning including field services, maintenance and operational support. Tanker handling, petroleum product and crude oil accounting, quality control, ocean loss control, pigging procedure development and analysis of pigging data, selection, testing and evaluation of drag reducers, operations and maintenance of tank farm and pump stations are other areas of expertise available with IndianOil’s Pipelines Division.