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Aviation Fuel

ATFIndianOil Aviation is a leading aviation fuel solution provider in India and the most-preferred supplier of jet fuel to major international and domestic airlines. Between one sunrise and the next, IndianOil Aviation refuels over 2,200 flights from the bustling metros to the remote airports linking the vast Indian landscape, from the icy heights of Leh (the highest airport in the world at 10,682 ft) to the distant islands of Andaman & Nicobar.

Jet fuel is a colorless, combustible, straight-run petroleum distillate, kerosene-based fuel. Its principal uses are as jet engine fuel which is the most common jet fuel worldwide classified as JET A-1. The governing specifications in India are IS 1571: 2018.

IndianOil is India's leading oil company conforming to stringent global quality requirements of aviation fuel storage & handling. IndianOil Aviation also caters to the fuel requirements of the Indian Defence Services, besides refueling VVIP flights at all the airports and remote heli-pads/heli-bases across the Indian subcontinent

IndianOil is the only oil company in India to market the widest possible range of fuels used by the aviation industry in India- JP-5, Avgas 100LL, Methanol Water Mixture, Jet A-1 and aviation lubricants, etc.

IndianOil's milestone achievement of indigenous AV Gas 100 LL production at Koyali refinery in Gujarat aligns with 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat' initiative of Government of India. IndianOil further expanded its horizons by exporting AVGAS 100 LL to distant countries, reinforcing its commitment to global energy leadership.

IndianOil Aviation achieved another milestone by refueling India's inaugural commercial passenger flight from Pune to Delhi on May 19, 2023, utilizing indigenous Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This marked a significant stride towards achieving net-zero emissions in the aviation sector. Furthermore, we are actively establishing SAF manufacturing plants to comply with SAF blending mandates starting from year 2027.

To ensure that you receive the best quality, every one of our 129 AFSs follows specific quality audits based on a Quality Control Index System benchmarked to global standards. In addition, 21 Quality Certification Laboratories provide complete specification tests round-the-clock. Ensuring that these standards are always upheld, there is a back up of a highly skilled, qualified and dedicated team of officers and refueling crew.

IndianOil Aviation has strengthened our nation's defense capabilities by commissioning Fuel Hydrant Systems at strategic locations such as Agra, Pune, Hindan, Chandigarh, and Kalaikunda, ensuring faster turnaround times for our Defence Forces. Additionally, we have provided essential aviation fueling infrastructure at forward bases like Walong, Tangtse, Nyoma, Tuting, etc. enabling critical operations in border areas. During times of border crises, our dedicated manpower has supported Defence operations at these forward bases, exemplifying our commitment to serving the nation first. #NationFirst

In times of crisis, IndianOil Aviation has consistently risen to the occasion, showcasing unwavering commitment and efficiency. Whether battling the fury of the Cyclone, Earthquakes, other natural calamities or situations of unrest, the IndianOil teams have displayed remarkable dedication. From driving refueler overnight to refueling Indian Coast Guard aircraft, saving 50 lives during the Biparjoy Cyclone, to ensuring supply lines and smooth refueling operations for rescue and evacuation missions, IndianOil's teams have remained steadfast. Even amidst the challenging backdrop of the Corona Pandemic, IndianOil Aviation ensured uninterrupted refueling services for Air Ambulances, Repatriation flights, flights for transport of Oxygen containers and other essentials, executing more than 21,000 refuelings without a single instance of breakdown exemplifying excellence in fueling operations, embodying resilience and reliability during times of adversity.

The IndianOil Aviation group hosts regular International Aviation conferences, among stakeholders from over 35 countries. These conferences attract participants from Defence Services, major international and domestic airlines, allied industries, statutory aviation authorities, and government agencies. The events foster the amalgamation of knowledge and expertise across the aviation fraternity, promoting collaboration and advancements in the field.

IndianOil is also a member of JIG and has strategic partnership with IATA to keep abreast with the latest development taking place Globally.

The Indian Oil Aviation group has been actively involved in the restructuring of the Indian airport fuel management. A key milestone in Indian Aviation was achieved through IndianOil’s endeavour in building and operating Open Access Fuel Infrastructure. In the Open Access Model, Indian Oil and its JV are instrumental in commissioning of world class Hydrant Refuelling Facilities at T3 Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai Airport, which account for almost 50% of the ATF Volume of the country.

Each of our Aviation Fuel Station is backed up with minimum 2 intermediate supply terminals, which are in turn capable of receiving product from at least 2 refineries, ensuring Product supply at all its 129 AFSs and 5 open access locations. IndianOil is having unmatched ATF Pipeline infrastructure in India with product being placed through dedicated pipeline network at major Airports like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Lucknow.

All IndianOil Aviation Fuel Stations (AFSs) have attained ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) certifications. All AFSs have also achieved GreenCo Certification successfully, demonstrating IndianOil's commitment to international standards, ensuring streamlined processes and enhanced credibility.

Indian Oil has also developed in-house low cost patented Storage facilities, Quality Control units, Aviation refuelers and other related equipment.

ATF Prices in Metros (Rupees/Kl) for Domestic Airlines

Applicable from July 1, 2024

Metros Prices
Delhi 96,148.38
Kolkata 1,02,635.53
Mumbai 89,908.31
Chennai 99,573.79

ATF Prices in Metros (Dollars/Kl) for Domestic Airlines on International Run

Applicable from July 1, 2024

Metros Prices
Delhi 880.87
Kolkata 919.56
Mumbai 880.15
Chennai 875.70

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