RHINOWAX - Wax produced at Digboi Refinery

From early 50s to late 80s, Assam Oil was the sole exporter of Paraffin wax from India.

The production of paraffin wax from the highly waxy Assam crude that Digboi refinery processes started in the late 1920s. A major portion of the wax was earlier being exported to consumers around the world until domestic demand within the country outstripped the supply. The wax was exported to many developed countries, including to the countries as far as Peru & New Zealand . Small quantities of the highest grades are occasionally sourced from Digboi Refinery for special applications abroad with the Brand name: RHINOWAX.

Some of the special qualities of the paraffin wax produced at Digboi Refinery are:

High content of normal paraffinic hydrocarbons of Carbon nos. ranging from C18 to C40

NIL ash content

NIL organic and inorganic acidity

Saponification value less than 1.0

Bright and Lustrous white colour

There are three different categories of wax that are being produced from this refinery

Wax Type - 1 (As per IS 4654) - Food / Pharmaceutical grade wax. This is known as one of the best wax in the world.

Paraffin Wax Type - 2 & 2A (As per IS 4654) - Used for candle manufacturing, polishes, sealant and various other applications including the manufacture of artifacts.

Paraffin Wax Type - 3 (As per IS 4654) - Used in non critical areas like Match and Tarpaulin industries

Paraffin Wax from Digboi refinery is a specialty product of Indian Oil which is used in many items of our daily use:

Candles, decorative candles, scented candles

Wrapper in food items like bread, biscuits

Cosmetics like lipstick, face creams , moisturising toiletries

Pain balms, Vaseline

Cable industry, tyre industry, Tarpaulin, polishes etc.

Moisture proofing of ply-woods, block boards etc.

Currently two size of packaging is available:

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