Petroleum Coke

Petroleum coke is a carbonaceous product obtained in the oil refining process. It is abbreviated as Coke or Petcoke, and is a carbon-rich solid material derived from final cracking process — a thermo-based chemical engineering process that splits long chain hydrocarbons of petroleum into shorter chains— that takes place in coker units. There are two distinctive grades of Petroleum Coke viz. Calcinable or Green Petcoke and Fuel Grade Petcoke..


Calcinable grade coke or Green Petcoke, also referred as RPC is produced at Koyali, Barauni, Bongaigaon, Digboi and Guwahati refineries of IndianOil.
Fuel Grade Petcoke is produced at Panipat, Paradip, Koyali and Haldia refineries of IndianOil.


Application as End use
Feed Stock/ Fuel Use (PETCOKE) Cement

Lime Kilns

Gasification units

Industrial Boilers
Carbon Source (RPC) Electrodes for electrometallurgical industries

Synthetic Graphite

Aluminum Anodes

TiO2 pigments

Carbon Raiser

Silicon Carbide


Coke Ovens

Benefits of Fuel grade Petcoke over coal:

Marketing arrangement

RPC and Fuel grade Petcoke are sold ex refineries on ex MI basis by Rail (select refineries) and Road mode. The facility of Rail loading is available at Paradip, Koyali and Haldia refineries.

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