Special Products

Q. At which Supply point does IndianOil supply M C Wax?

Ans: IndianOil supplies M C Wax from Haldia.

Q. What are the grades of Propylene supplied by IndianOil ?

Ans: IndianOil supplies Polymer Grade Propylene from Mathura & Chemical Grade from Panipat.

Q. Whether IndianOil can organize delivered supply of Propylene ex Mathura?

Ans: No, Proplylene sales are ex MI (Marketing Installation) basis. Customer has to make own transportation arrangement.

Q. Which specification is followed by IndianOil with regard to quality of Hexane?

Ans: IndianOil supplies products as per BIS specifications IS: 3470 - 2002.

Q. What is the minimum quantity of Benzene & Toluene for which order can be placed for supplies by Road Tank Truck ?

Ans: Minimum 10 MT can be supplied by Road Tank Truck.

Q. What is the form of Sulphur supplied by IndianOil?

Ans: Sulphur is available in Solid (Lumps) form at Koyali, Mathura, Panipat, Barauni, Haldia & Guwahati. However, molten Sulphur in liquid form is available at Koyali.

Q. How frequently are the prices of Sulphur revised?

Ans: Sulphur prices of IndianOil are revised monthly.

Q. What are the various supply points for MTO?

Ans: MTO is available at Panipat, Haldia, Koyali, Vashi, Jallandhar, Kanpur, Mourigram & Vaizag.