Surya Nutan – An Indoor Solar Cooking System by IndianOil

Surya Nutan, an indigenous indoor solar cooking system design, developed and patented by IOC R&D Centre. Surya Nutan is a stationary, rechargeable and always kitchen connected indoor cooking solution capable of catering cooking needs of Indian households.

Surya Nutan collects energy from Sun, converts it into heat through a specially designed heating element then this thermal energy gets stored in a scientifically proven thermal battery and recovers for use in cooking (indoor) as shown in Figure 1.

The product gets charged and discharged simultaneously while performing its function of indoor cooking. During use, the stored solar energy stored is recovered in a controlled manner for indoor cooking of a variety of Indian food items involving boiling, steaming, frying and “roti” making. The cooking system is suitable for family of 4 and can be modular in number and sizes as per requirement.

Pilot trial of 50 numbers of Suryan Nutan in 5 different cities (i.e. Leh, Lakshadweep, Gwalior, Udaipur and Delhi-NCR) of India with varying solar radiation intensity and cooking habits are in progress. As per the feedback from users, the product is capable of fulfilling cooking needs of the family in terms of the type of cooking and energy requirement as shown in Figure 2.

Salient Features:

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